What is Dash

Besides bitcoin, there are many types of alternative coins that you can try. The advantage of this alternative coin is that the price is more affordable. One of the altcoins is DASH. Of course you are curious what DASH is?

DASH is actually not a new cryptocurrency. Its presence has sparked a lot of attention since its release. Formerly this cryptocurrency had the name Xcoin or darkcoin. The value of DASH always increases from year to year.

The current value of DASH is over $100 per coin. In 2025 it is estimated that the selling price of DASH will be able to reach more than $ 500 per coin. To find out more about what DASH is, you can also visit their official website, www.DASH.org.

History of DASH

DASH was first released on January 18, 2014 by Evan Duffield. He lives in the Phoenix Area which is downtown Arizona. The work itself was assisted by those who worked at the University of Arizona.

DASH itself is two words combined into one, namely digital and cash. Initially the name of this cryptocurrency was Xcoin.

On January 28 2014 it changed its name to darkcoin then on March 25 2015 it just changed its name to DASH until now. This name change itself was made to avoid black market associations and attract a general audience.

When it was launched, this cryptocurrency was only worth $ 0.6 in the last week of February 2014. When it was released, this cryptocurrency was able to enter the top 5 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Then in the middle of the year the coin was valued at less than 10 US dollars.

Even so, on December 20, 2017 this cryptocurrency was able to reach its highest level, namely USD 1540. This cryptocurrency was originally created using a combination of 11 cryptographic algorithms.

The eleven algorithms include BMW, BLAKE, SHAVITE, CUBEHASH, ECHO, GROESTL, JH, SKEIN, SIMD, KECCAK and LUFFA. This crypto also gets the nickname X11 because of it.

Generally crypto money such as bitcoin or litecoin only uses 1 algorithm. The combination of this algorithm is considered by the DASHcoin system to be safer than other cryptocurrencies.

For DASH coin mining, you can also use CPU and GPU besides mining. The CPU itself, as we know, is the brain of a computer that is easy to find on PC devices. While GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit.

The GPU itself is capable of processing 3D images and is commonly used to mine crypto. GPU is also often used for gaming. To get a GPU is not easy because it is rare in the market. The price starts from 500 US dollars.

The GPU or CPU used for mining will generally be turned on for up to 24 hours without stopping. This tool is also widely used by miners in China, which is claimed to be the center of the largest crypto mining activity in the world.

In April 2018 this cryptocurrency made it into the top 12 cryptocurrencies. In the following year DASH was claimed to be the most popular cryptocurrency in Venezuela according to Der Spiegel. Der Spiegel is a popular German magazine in Europe.

DASH coin itself in May 2021 was named the 50th most valuable cryptocurrency based on its market capitalization which reached 2.7 billion US dollars.

Advantages of DASH

Besides knowing what DASH coin is, you also need to know the advantages of this crypto. The advantages can be seen below:

  • Supported by more than 4,350 merchants and 265 brokers and exchange platforms across the world. This means that this cryptocurrency can be obtained easily and fulfills the payment of various services and bills such as buying airplane tickets to utilities.
  • Apart from being supported by various devices, in terms of DASH coin mining, crypto money will be equipped with a DASHpay wallet which makes it easy for payments from user to user. In it you can save contacts like cell phone contacts.
  • Transaction speeds can reach 1 second per transaction so that it can be handled quickly
  • Can be withdrawn with ATMs in several countries
  • Using the same blockchain system as bitcoin, namely masternodes and miners. To become a masternode, you need to make a deposit of up to 1000 DASH first. The masternode itself becomes a special server on the DASH network and is responsible for transactions.
  • Provides private send and instant send services. Private joint is an addition to privacy in transactions so that assets cannot be traced as well as the identity of the user. While instant send diamond transactions that can be done in seconds
  • DASH coin prices tend to be stable making it suitable for investment for beginners
  • DASH is open source, enabling the development of innovations and deploying dApps on its network

How DASH Works

The way this cryptocurrency works uses two main terms, namely public addresses and private keys. To find out how it works, here are the meanings of these two terms as follows:

  1. The private key is an ATM pin number that is secret and can only be accessed by the owner of this cryptocurrency. The PIN itself is a random character to be able to access the DASH wallet
  2. The public address is the bank account number which is specially made. This bank’s address is a combination of letters and numbers that number tens of characters. The owner’s name cannot be clearly seen from this bank’s address as it is from a regular bank address.

How the transaction works can be understood through this example:

For example, if you want to send 1 DASH to jasmine, then the DASH miner will add your transaction to block A which is a group of DASH transactions that occur at the same time duration.

Other miners will double-check the miner’s results for verification so that the transaction is valid. For instant send, apply the masternode system.

How to Buy DASH

The easiest way to get DASH coins is through an exchange platform. There are many exchange platforms in the world, from Binance, Bitbay, Bitforex to BW. You can check the list of exchanges that provide buying and selling crypto money via this link https://www.dash.org/full-list-of-exchanges/.

When buying and selling on the exchange platform, you will usually be asked to create an account first. Before making an account transaction, you need to get account verification from the exchange platform.

After that, you need to make a deposit first, you can transfer from the bank online to via ATM to the exchange platform account. The deposited funds will become investor capital to buy crypto money on the exchange platform.

The second way to get crypto money is by mining. To be able to become a miner you need to provide a qualified computer device. Mining activities consume a lot of electricity so that the biggest cost in this activity is utilities.

After knowing what DASH is, are you ready to invest in this cryptocurrency?


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