GuideLines to Post Articles

Here are some guidelines for getting your article published

Thema of the Article:

Published articles are articles with Category Analysis, Trading Ideas, Essays or Point of Views about matters in the Cryptocurrency Industry, Fintech, NFT, Metaverse or Trades that occur on the Market Exchange.

The submit form on the posting page does not publish articles with the category of press releases or sponsored articles, you can submit press releases or sponsored articles in the following form, PR: Submit Form and Sponsored Article: Submit Form

Publishing Articles:

Articles published on the form will be on the front page of the Column section, articles can also be found on the following page.


Articles should be submitted which are original articles from the author, each article is published with the author’s name below the article and is entirely the responsibility of the author.


Articles should be submitted with a minimum article length of 400 words or more. Published articles with an article length of 1000+ words will be easily found in search engines, allowing visitors to view your articles.

External Links:

You can include external links in the article, external links will be published in a no-follow link format.

Image in the middle of the article:

You can insert an image in the middle of the article by placing tag <image> Image URL Source </image> in the middle of the article. The image will be published according to the image on the Image URL Source.

Sample : <image> </image>

Author Profile:

Your photo and bio will be listed below the article as the original author of the article. You can edit your Bio and Photo on the Edit Account page.

Article publishing sample: