Pentagon Documents Mentioning Bitcoin Leaking, Here Are the Contents

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KANALCOIN NEWS – Some time ago, a document belonging to the United States Military Agency, the Pentagon, was leaked. Reportedly, the document mentioned one type of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin.

The contents of the document are apparently about military game simulations made by the Pentagon. The war game involves not only bitcoin, but also generation Z. Generation Z is the age group born in the mid-1990s to 2010.

The United States is known for creating military or war simulation games in recent years. In fact, the Pentagon and some hired analysis staff created a permanent war games facility for the simulations.

The war simulation game created this time depicts the resistance of Generation Z (Gen Z) to face corrupt leaders. In an effort to fight this corrupt leader, Gen Z involves bitcoin to fight in the economic field. This is because the corrupt leaders are held by financial shareholders and corporate entities.

At the beginning of the chronology in the game, it is told that Gen Z, who in the game act as the “Zbellion” troops, feel that they have lost their rights as citizens. In the end, Zbellion committed the theft of funds belonging to the game’s corrupt leaders.

Zbellion takes advantage of certain malware to hack the financial system used by the game’s corrupt leaders. Later, these funds will be put into storage in the form of virtual currency or cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin.


Uniquely, the game released by the Pentagon and several of its colleagues was launched when the world was experiencing crisis and anxiety. For example, the condition of the United States is currently being hit by riots in various corners of the city due to various reasons, be it racism or the crisis in the economic field.

The United States is indeed experiencing an economic crisis due to the corona virus and the issue of racism over the death of George Floyd. Citizens of the United States now think that the policies taken by the government tend to favor the rich compared to ordinary citizens. What’s more, it seems as if there is a monopoly of power in the current United States government.

This war game scenario created by the Pentagon is said to serve as national training material for educational purposes distributed by the Special Land, Air and Sea Strategic Program (JLASS).

This is not the first time the Pentagon has made a war simulation game. The military institution under the United States government has often made war simulation games. In fact, the Pentagon has been making war simulation games for ten years. One of the famous war simulation games is Millennium Challenge 2002 (MCO2). Millennium Challenge 2002 is one of the very popular war games made by the Pentagon and also uses computer simulations to get the desired effect. Reportedly, this simulation game costs up to 250 million United States dollars or 3.5 trillion rupiah.


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