Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 Officially Released, What Are the New Features? Come on, Listen!

bitcoin 0.20.0 – Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 was officially released last Wednesday (3/6/2020). This type is the 20th generation of the original Bitcoin software client. Bitcoin core was first launched by Satoshi Nakamoto eleven years ago.

This latest version of Bitcoin Core was developed by more than 100 contributors within six months, according to Wladimir can der Laan, principal maintainer of Bitcoin core. Then, what’s new about Bitcoin Core 0.20.0? Here are some of the new features of Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 as reported by

1. Development of hardware wallet integration in graphic user interface (GUI)

Bitcoin Core has been designed to be compatible with hardware wallets since version 0.18.0. However, users cannot make transactions using a hardware wallet from Bitcoin Core’s graphical user interface (GUI).

There is another program needed to make transactions, namely the command line interface (CLI). Likewise with Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 which still uses the CLI. However, there has been progress regarding the integration of hardware wallets into the Bitcoin Core GUI.

Users can now make signatureless transactions within the Bitcoin Core GUI using the partially signed bitcoin transaction format (PSBT) and copy them to the clipboard. Once copied, they can make transactions to their hardware wallet to sign it.

2. Asmap system for a more reliable internet network

Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 uses a new configuration called Asmap by mapping IP addresses with Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). This configuration will ensure that the nodes are connected with peers from different Autonomous Systems (AS).

This configuration will reduce the potential for network congestion, so that the risk of data being held will decrease. However, the mapping of IP addresses into network operator groups remains the default configuration of this version.

3. BIP61 reject message deleted completely

Reject message (BIP61) is a notification that a node returns when a transaction received from a peer has been rejected. This configuration is considered not very important and instead only makes the peer-to-peer protocol more complex and takes up bandwidth.

Actually, BIP61 has been disabled by default in Bitcoin Core 0.18.0. While in Bitcoin Core 0.20.0, this feature has been removed completely.

4. BIP70 payment protocol has been removed

The BIP70 payment protocol has experienced a number of security and privacy issues over the years. Its dependency on OpenSSL is suspected to be the cause of the problem.

Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 removed the payment protocol from the GUI, but users can still compile their nodes with special configurations to use this feature. In the latest version 0.20.0, Bitcoin Core has completely removed the payment protocol.

With the removal of BIP70, OpenSSL has been completely removed from Bitcoin Core’s codecase.

5. Dumptxoutset as the first step towards Assumeutxo for fast bootstrap

The new remote procedure call (RPC) allows Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 to generate snapshots of the UTXO sequence. These snapshots can describe the state of bitcoin ownership as recorded on the blockchain at a certain point in time. The snapshots can also be shared.

Future releases of Bitcoin Core will share those snapshots with peers who first join the network. This is intended to allow new nodes to immediately start participating in the network when a snapshot is created.


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