To Confront the Taliban, Afghans Must Take Advantage of Crypto Assets

Afganistan Taliban Crypto

KANALCOIN NEWS – Afghans are advised to use crypto assets to deal with the Taliban group that is currently in power in the country.

The Afghan government finally surrendered and has now fallen into the hands of the Taliban group, which has been in opposition for years.

As a result, the government and all sectors in Afghanistan are currently held by the Taliban.

The Taliban’s power makes all sectors, both at home and abroad, also affected.

One of the sectors most affected by the Taliban’s rule is the financial sector which is very important to society.

Hal tersebut dikarenakan banyak rekening bank lokal yang saat ini telah dibekukan atas perintah organisasi bantuan internasional dan Amerika Serikat.

In fact, one of the international money transfer companies, Western Union, also suspended their services in Afghanistan until now.

Since last week, the Western Union inevitably has to limit the means of sending money internationally for all citizens of the country.

Since last week, the Western Union inevitably has to limit the means of sending money internationally for all citizens of the country.

“Western Union understands the urgent need for people to receive funds, and we are committed to continuing operations for our customers in Afghanistan as conditions allow,” Western Union said in a statement.

Restrictions on financial activity from various parties have made Afghanistan potentially enter a phase of super-high inflation or hyperinflation.

This condition apparently also stole the attention of one of the founders of the cryptocurrency Cardano, namely Charles Hoskinson.

Still according to a Cointelegraph report, Hoskinson said that there is one thing that can help Afghans to face the chaotic conditions in their country today.

In an interview with CNBC on September 1 yesterday, Hoskinson said that cryptocurrencies can be a helper for Afghans.

Digital assets are considered to be able to help Afghans to secure their wealth from the Taliban.

In addition, digital assets also have the potential to avoid screening and confiscation which have been rumored to have been carried out by the Taliban all this time.

“Afghan’s digital life is now under scrutiny, the last two decades are being reviewed by the regime that if you express your opinion in a way that doesn’t match their regressive point of view, you are now under threat of harassment, imprisonment or even death,” Hoskinson said.

Afghanistan has indeed become one of the countries that is quite keen on using blockchain technology in recent years.

In fact, Afghanistan is included in a row of developing countries that are developing digital asset technology in their lives along with Venezuela, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Pakistan.

However, the Taliban is also likely to use digital assets to anticipate fraud by Afghans.


Muhammad Zaki Fajrul Haq
Author: Muhammad Zaki Fajrul Haq

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