The effect of the Taliban in power, $10 billion Afghanistan’s central bank confiscated by the United States

Afghanistan's Central Bank

KANALCOIN NEWS – Since the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to oust the Taliban from power, the war in the country has become a very long conflict. As a result of the current case, US troops are said to have left Kabul and the US has seized most of Afghanistan’s $10 billion worth of central bank assets.

Afghanistan’s ‘messy’ exit has turned into a financial war for America. The Afghanistan war is said to be a foreign policy embarrassment for the American bureaucrats who supported the invasion.

The fall of Kabul in 2021 has been a messy exit. This led critics to compare the Afghanistan War to the Vietnam War to the United States military-industrial complex.

President Joe Biden via, made it clear to the public that despite the “messy” exit, it would not lead to him withdrawing US troops.

Since it was said to be out, the number of US troops sent back to Afghanistan has risen to 6,000.

The US is also still taking advantage of this condition with a financial war considering the assets of the Afghan central bank worth $10 billion are being held by the US and allied forces.

According to reports, Afghanistan’s central bank assets in gold are $1.3 billion and $361 million in international currencies.

Afghans will also not have access to the funds because they have been deposited through financial institutions such as the New York branch of the Federal Reserve (FRBNY).

Statements at the December 2020 consolidation show that FRBNY owns approximately $6.1 billion of all assets. FRBNY was also found to be holding $1.2 billion worth of Afghan gold bullion.

In the near term, the central bank of Afghanistan will also not expect funds as the American government believes they will fall into the hands of the Taliban forces.

In addition, last week the Biden administration halted shipments of US dollars sent to Afghanistan to keep funds away from members of the Taliban.

NY Fed, US Bank, to Biden Administration Prevent Access to Afghan Funds

One of the sources familiar with the matter said that the US had a financial blockade on Afghanistan that was established because the Federal Reserve and other US financial institutions prevented access to the funds.

The Biden administration and allied forces believe that the assets of the Afghan government’s banks should be monitored and sanctioned.

One of the officials in the Biden administration said that any central bank assets the Afghan government has in the United States would not be available to the Taliban.

Afghanistan will then be in trouble with the financial system monopolized by the global central banking system.

This is similar to other countries being ostracized because of the American bureaucracy. Countries like North Korea, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, and now Afghanistan will feel economic isolation.


Muhammad Zaki Fajrul Haq
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