British Politician Originator of Brexit Calls Bitcoin an Investment in the Middle of a Pandemic

NIgel Farage

KANALCOIN NEWS – British politician who is also the leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, called bitcoin an asset that is very suitable to be used as a staple investment in the midst of a pandemic. Farage’s comments were published in a daily newsletter entitled Fortune & Freedom.

In an interview with Sam Volkering, a representative for Fortune & Freedom magazine, published by Southbank Investment Research, Farage expressed his opinion regarding cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

Farage himself is a libertarian who is the leader of the Brexit Party. Farage also spearheaded the Brexit campaign to get the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. In his interview with Volkering, Farage mentioned that everyone in the UK is currently talking about bitcoin.

In fact, Farage admits that bitcoin is being discussed by anyone, regardless of whether it is the poorest or the richest person in England today.

In addition, Nigel Farage also criticized several policies issued by the government of the United Kingdom, which is currently led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to him, the government has made funny economic policies.

This resulted in the value of the pound sterling declining, inflation rising, and people being afraid of the current condition of their investment and money.

“The government, through this pandemic, created some ridiculous economic policies, kept the currency low, and people are scared about what this means for their money and investments,” said Farage, quoted by from

Farage said that the current inflation and pandemic conditions have made people look for other alternatives, such as bitcoin. Nevertheless, Farage admits that he does not really understand bitcoin.

Besides that, Farage is also a little lazy to find out about bitcoin. However, Farage has learned a little about cryptocurrencies which, according to him, are capable of becoming digital assets that are very important for the future of a country’s economy.

Farage advised the public to start understanding and learning about cryptocurrencies. Farage considers that this crypto currency is very important for the future and the good of society later.

“There is a lot to learn but is it important. Actually, I think it’s very important for you to understand cryptocurrency, and what it means. Luck is made and lost because of this! I’m starting to understand that in terms of our future, this is very important,” said Farage.

Meanwhile, when talking about cryptocurrency ownership, Farage did not say anything whether he owned bitcoin or not. However, Farage’s comments are predicted to refer to the performance of crypto currencies which have been surging recently.

Bitcoin itself currently has a fixed supply that is known by many parties. That makes Bitcoin a higher investment than any other asset, even gold.


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