Blockchain Will Be Used In The 2018 Russian Presidential Election

Presidential election

KANALCOIN NEWS –  A press release made in Russia (5/3) officially announced that a research center in Russia, namely VTSIOM, will use Blockchain technology to monitor the results of the vote during the Russian presidential election which will be held on March 18, 2018, future. The plan carried out by VTSIOM makes it a first in the world, especially in monitoring election data.

According to the release, VTSIOM, or Russia’s state-owned public opinion research center, has worked directly with a local startup company, namely 2chain, which specializes in smart technology development and ICO marketing consulting. This step will be a way to mark the implementation of using Blcokchain for election purposes.

VTSIOM and 2chain, together build a database of Blockchain information directly collected from polls. It is also very possible for the company to avoid DDos attacks and other malicious threats, especially those where voting is ongoing. Voting data becomes very sensitive, because it will be very fatal if something goes wrong.

According to the general director of VTSIOM Valery Fyodorov, he explained “Until now with polls and public opinion, we had to shut down the website on voting day so as not to be hindered by DDoS attacks and other raid attempts made by many anonymous hackers,” he also added that it had to always be alert and careful about the possibility that will happen especially because of hackers.

Concerns about anonymous hackers are of course not only felt by Russia, several other countries are also worried about it because it will be very dangerous, especially to protect data related to elections.

The presence of Blockchain is a way out of a system that is highly protected by security and avoids unwanted data leakage risks. Hackers will find it more difficult to launch attacks on Blockchain systems.

Valery Fyodorov also said, “Thanks to Blockchain we can increase the data protection system from cyber attacks several times, this can be a measure to avoid weak points while transferring information, and guarantee the integrity and immutability of data.”

The progress of the Blockchain model will feature real-time updates that anyone can track using a dedicated portal. The plan to launch this project is on March 12, exactly 6 days before the elections are held.


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