Leading vocalist of legendary rock band Kiss Becomes a Hardline Supporter of Cryptocurrencies

Gene Simmons

KANALCOIN NEWS – The vocalist of legendary rock band, Kiss, is now a hard-line supporter of cryptocurrencies. Gene Simmons is a rock band legend from the United States. Simmons is said to be now a heavy supporter of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, the frontman of the rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons, has again expressed his support for cryptocurrencies. In fact, Simmons said that he was very bullish on cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC).

On Monday (1/2/2021) local time, Simmons said that he currently has several tokens from crypto currencies, namely Ripple (XRP) and Dogecoin (DOGE). This was conveyed by Simmons through his personal Twitter account.

Simmons said that he invested his wealth in Dogecoin, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies. However, the 72-year-old did not disclose how much money he invested in the cryptocurrency.

In his tweet, Simmons admitted that he did not recommend his followers to follow in his footsteps. However, indirectly he is actually promoting cryptocurrency to his followers.

“Wouldn’t recommend any of this to anyone. But yes, I also bought Dogecoin, XRP and others. Make it what you want,” Simmons wrote on his personal Twitter account.

In addition to XRP and DOGE, Simmons has reportedly also purchased major cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether (ETH), and litecoin (LTC). The man who was born in Haifa, Israel also admitted that he still plans to add to his crypto currency collection.

Reported by Kanalcoin.com from Cointelegraph, Simmons is indeed known as one of the world’s great artists who support cryptocurrencies. In 2017, Simmons admitted that he was interested in bitcoin as one of his investment strategies.

“I’m interested in bitcoin, but only as part of the investment puzzle,” Simmons said.

Simmons is a member of the legendary rock band from the United States, Kiss. Kiss is known as a rock band that has an eccentric appearance on stage. Kiss members will usually use make-up that looks scary and weird.

While performing with Kiss, Simmons is best known for his roles as The Demon, The God of Thunder, Dr. Love, and Reginald van Helsing. Apart from being a singer and member of the band Kiss, Simmons is also known as an actor and music producer.

At the time of writing, the XRP tokens purchased by Simmons touched a price range of US$0.59 per token, up more than 32 percent over the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, the DOGE tokens purchased by Simmons touched a price of US$0.039 per token, up about 41 percent over the past 24 hours.


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