PEPE Becomes Top Gainer Altcoin This Week


KANALCOIN NEWS – Reporting from the BeInCrypto analyst team, there are at least five altcoins from the top 100 rankings. Which experienced the most significant increase over the past week. Starting from May 12 to May 19, 2023.

Render (RNDR) up 42.39%

Render is the leader in this week’s Top Gainer Altcoin list. It is undeniable that Render prices have indeed gone up since the beginning of the year.

At the end of April, it had moved above the horizontal resistance area of US$2.10. Then fall again into this area. Until finally the RNDR again moved above the resistance area on May 17. And that area is expected to provide support again.

The next resistance will be at US$3.10 if the advance continues. But if this prediction is wrong, then it could collapse again to the US$2.10 support area.

Pepe Coin up 35.33%

Meme Coin Pepe has finally regained a key support level.

Meme coin PEPE has collapsed to US$0.0000019 on May 5th. The decline caused PEPE to decline to US$0.0000010 on May 12. This is what caused the breakdown of the US$0.0000013 support area.

Not long after, PEPE bounced and regained the area. The hope is to be able to provide another level of support.

Meme coin PEPE could strengthen to the next resistance area at US$0.0000020. Conversely, if the momentum is lost, then a decline to the US$0.0000013 support area could occur again.

Lido DAO (LDO) up 30.96%

Lido DAO finally failed to penetrate the resistance.

The next altcoin that became the top gainer this week is Lido DAO (LDO). The LDO price has been trading inside a descending wedge pattern, which is considered a bullish pattern since early February.

In early May, LDO bounced off the support line. This move initiated a bull run that led to a breakout on May 17th. However, the LDO price failed to climb above the resistance line of the wedge pattern. And conversely, this altcoin price movement actually created a long upper wick and then eventually collapsed.

If this decline continues, LDO has the chance to fall to the US$1.80 support area again. And conversely, if there is a breakout, the price of this altcoin is likely to be able to reach the level of US $ 2.80.

Mask Network (MASK) up 30.21%

The Mask Network (MASK) finally survived the breakdown after being able to bounce.

The MASK price has strengthened since May 12. And on May 17, MASK was able to move above the descending resistance line which had been formed since the previous year.

Despite breaking above this line, MASK finally fell in early May. Until two days later, Mask scored US $ 4.88. That is above the US$5.05 horizontal resistance area.

MASK has the opportunity to strengthen to the next resistance at US$6.80 if it experiences a breakout above this area. But if not, a decline towards the resistance line at US$3.80 could occur.

Conflux (CFX) up 24.63%

Conflux is finally back as the Top Gainer altcoin of the week. On March 21, CFX experienced a breakdown of US$0.32 and finally was at US$0.22 on May 12.

If it succeeds in perching again in that area, CFX can move at US$0.48. However, if it’s the other way around, a fall to the horizontal support area of US$0.14 is possible.


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