Indonesia is in the Top 3 Highest Crypto Wallet Makers in the World

Top Highest Crypto Wallets

KANALCOIN NEWS – Indonesia is reportedly included in the top 3 countries that make the most crypto wallets in the world. This was conveyed directly by the site, a site that has more than 52 million users making crypto wallets worldwide, through a report published on the medium.

Besides Indonesia, there are several other countries, such as Peru, India, Nigeria, and other countries. Nigeria is a country that is much talked about by cryptocurrency observers because it experienced a 60 percent increase in cryptocurrency users from April to July. released the list of countries that used the most crypto wallets in the last week based on data from the creators of crypto wallets on the site. The reason is that there are also names from Japan, the Philippines, and Venezuela which are in the top 10 makers of the highest crypto wallets in the world.

source : Internal data

“Japan is once again in the top 10, while Hong Kong and Morocco have not been active in the last two months,” said a representative as reported by Bitcoin News.

In addition to countries that are in the top 10 experiencing an increase in crypto wallet creation, also released data on the top 10 countries that are reducing crypto wallet creation. Big names, such as South Korea, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates are included in the list.

Of the many countries, Nigeria has caught the attention of the data science team. This cannot be separated from the high number of interest in making crypto wallets on

“Nigeria has been the most trending country in recent months. This has increased 60 percent in usage of the web wallet since April 2020,” said a representative of the data science team.

The high number of interest in making crypto wallets apparently cannot be separated from the role of Nigeria which leads sub-Saharan Africa in peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin trading. In fact, the Ministry of Justice of Nigeria has submitted a bill regulating cryptocurrency to the National Assembly of the Bill.

“The expected legislation will prepare Nigeria for emerging realities related to digital money, bitcoin and e-currencies,” said Nigerian Attorney General, Abubakar Malami.

Despite this, the high rate of creation of crypto wallets in Nigeria, is still accompanied by a high rate of fraud under the guise of cryptocurrency.

In India, the situation is very different. When India entered the top three countries making the most crypto wallets in mid-June to July, there were even rumors that cryptocurrencies would be banned in the country.

However, a local Indian lawyer, Mohammed Danish, admitted that Indian citizens actually have a high curiosity about cryptocurrency. In fact, some of his own colleagues have looked into cryptocurrencies.

“The Supreme Court decision has helped increase curiosity around crypto,” said Danish.

“In fact, in the law fraternity I see a lot of people taking a keen interest. But, this curiosity is of course limited to certain age groups,” Danish continued.

Meanwhile, Indonesia was ranked third in the world’s highest production of crypto wallets in mid-June to July. The increase in the creation of crypto wallets in Indonesia reached 12.6 percent.

This cannot be separated from the increasing number of cryptocurrency investment discourses, websites about cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrencies communities that are starting to emerge.


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