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Billionair ICO
Billionair (AIRB)
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Jun 20, 2023 – TBA

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BillionAir is a tokenized raffle platform that brings some of the most exciting raffles and betting contests to a global audience BillionAir redefines how players are rewarded for their participation with digital currencies, luxury items, vacations, and ticket multipliers for the most active participants.
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Token Information

  • Ticker AIRB
  • Network polygon logo Binance BEP20
  • Contract-Address N/A
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000 AIRB
  • Start ICO Price 0.015 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 17,550,000 USD
  • Personal Cap N/A
  • Raise (Not Set)

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  • Strategic Ended
  • Date N/A
  • Tokens Sold (1%) 10,000,000 AIRB
  • Price 0.015 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 150,000 USD
  • Launchpad
  • 📝 Note: –
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Video / Screenshot

Tokenomics Review

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 AIRB
  • Network: polygon logo Binance BEP20
  • Token Contract: N/A


NamePositionSocial Media
Radek PlehaCo-Founder
Radovan VodaCo-Founder
Michael LaurensMarketing Director
Jay WheelerMarketing & Operations Manager
Rahul A RBlockchain Lead
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Q3 – 2022

BillionAir official website launch, Whitepaper and project documentation release.

Q4 – 2022

Start of $AIRB private sale, Establishing partnerships, Smart contract audit.

Q1 – 2023

Deployment of the raffle smart contracts, Pilot platform launch, Beta testing, Airdrop.

Q2 – 2023

Ambassador Influencers Marketing Campaign, $AIRB public pre-sale, Token generation event for $AIRB.

Q3 – 2023

DEX & CEX listing, Official BillionAIR platform launch, Staking platform launch, Phase 1 and 2 raffles launch.

Q4 – 2023

Phase 3 raffles launch, Expanding partnerships for raffles and branded games, Becoming a raffle provider for other projects, Cross-chain gaming and raffles, New BillionAir games each month, Mobile app development, Improving UX/UI.

Q1 – 2024

Adding new payment options for users, Expanding to new geographic regions, Enhanced security features implementation, DAO governance forming.

Q2 – 2024

Building of Metaverse environment, Integrate Metaverse and VR games, Migrate to a fully DAO ecosystem.

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Additional Information

Early Investor:

(Not Set)

Partnership :

Consulting Partners, Chainlink, Luna Capital, Binance Smart Chain, Accubits, Waveup, Chain Lab, Berman & Bros. ,M3, Kairon Labs, Solid Proof, Certik, BNB Chain Kickstart, Bitmart.

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