Event: The Financial Investment Expo Bangkok 2024

The Financial Investment Expo Bangkok 2024
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June 22, 2024
Hotel Nikko, Bangkok, Thailand

TFlEXPO (The Financial Investment Expo Bangkok 2024) is the largest company organizing financial and forex events, fairs, expos in China and worldwide since 2015. lt has connected over 200 00 investors and financia investor,bankers,traders,businessmen and more than 3000 financial companies, brokers all markets.

TFIEXPO (The Financial Investment Expo Bangkok 2024) events can help in positioning the financial company brand and engaging with business leaders and decision makers. Simultaneously establishing a platform for resource exchange and information exchange for financial investors around the world. 

  • Warrick Palmer, Head of Business Development, Radex Markets
  • Peter Karsten, CEO, STARTRADER
  • Christopher Gore, Advisory services, Derivatives
  • Aeby Samuel, CEO & Founder, FYNXT
  • Benjamin Bilski, Founder, NAGA
  • Eslam Ramzi, Marketing Manager, CoinEx
  • Farah Mourad, Senior Market Analyst, XTB
  • Ahmed Zaman,CEO, TNFX
  • Amarnath Rath, CEO, CMS Prime
  • Kelvin Yeung, Founder & CEO, HKD.com
  • Albin Warin, CEO, XT.COM
  • Antoni Trenchev, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Nexo

  • How to strengthen the supervision of forex investment industry
  • The importance of strengthening forex regulation and investor capital safety
  • The impact of global energy crisis on foreign exchange investment
  • Opportunities and risks brought by blockchain to traditional financial markets
  • Global cross-border payment innovation and the use of fintech
  • Explore the next investment opportunity of Web3 around Meta and NFT

Instagram : instagram.com/tfiexpo

Linkedin : linkedin.com/company/tfiexpo

Youtube : youtube.com/@TFIEXPO

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