Cambodia Encouraged to Apply Cryptocurrency

Cambodia Cryptocurrency –  Various countries are working on their task of developing digital currency financing programs. Cambodia for example. It was recently that the country had to mint its private coins within these few months. The information comes as additional information regarding the Chinese digital yuan that shows its main purpose is to replace money in a managed system.

Cambodia will also implement government-backed cryptocurrencies to deliver what it has to offer as a block-to-peer platform based on cash switch financing. The system, called Bakong, is intended to be used in the next few companies. There are already 11 additional bank assistance expected in the near future.

Chea Serey, Director General of Financial Institutions Nationwide Financial of Cambodia (NBC), instructed that it would start in July 2019. He insisted that the scheme could operate within the current fiscal quarter. While it is also described as a form of digital foreign money financial institution. Serey also said that it would likely become a gateway to national financing for Cambodia.

“Bakong will play a central position in bringing everything inside a boarding house in Cambodia under the same platform. Making it easier for users to make payments to each other. Regardless of which company they use their financial institution. Finally, we also hope to allow cross-border fees by the Bakong system,” explained Serey ..

One of the private banks serving these businesses is Phnom Penh Business Financial (PPCB). They are trying to implement this new system in any case. Compared to conventional payments or cash switches, which are comparable to bank cards or platforms on mobile. Bakong itself is considered cheaper and more practical.

Meanwhile, monetary companies may lose their market share to Bakong. It is believed that in the long term, this effort will facilitate an extra inclusive ecosystem institution that can help all stakeholders in the business. Cambodia’s monetary sector is still relatively immature when it comes to various suppliers and service customers.

A transparent distinction is made between Bakong and permissionless decentralized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Cambodia’s digital foreign currency venture is a closed system and is supported by the country’s banks and monetary authorities, leaving no room for hypotheses. It was also disclosed that Bakong can be tied to a financial institution account that allows customers to convert digital money to foreign state fiat money.

Shin Chang Moo, President of PPCB, said that different central banks also tend to develop related programs. “All transactions can be executed in real time with information stored securely on NBC,” he said.


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