Get to know What is Holochain , its advantages, and its uses

What is Holochain

You may have questions like what is Holochain and its various advantages or uses. If yes, then you are in the right article. This article will briefly explain what Holochain is, but still be easy to understand.

In addition to explaining what Holochain is, we will also explain some of the advantages and uses of one of the advanced technologies that emerged after this blockchain technology.

Before going any further and understanding the information about what Holochain is and its many benefits, you need to know that the Holochain team really has some strong propositions that can compete with other platforms.

To find out more information about what Holochain is, its advantages, and its uses, you can read this article about Holochain to the end.

What is Holochain?

Holochain is a type of distributed ledger technology that emerged and became known after the blockchain technology. Holochain can be described as an open-source framework that can facilitate peer-to-peer networking.

One of Holochain’s interesting visions is to change the structure of the internet that exists today. The internet structure referred to here is the internet which is structured in addition to the client-server base.

The structure of the internet shows that decentralization is not yet optimal and there is a lack of democracy and freedom in terms of resource utilization. On this basis, Holochain finally wants to create a distributed network that can form the basis of the internet for the next generation.

Holochain advantages

1.   New Better Model

After knowing what Holochain is, you also need to know the advantages of this technology. Holochain introduces a better model by offering improved data transfer and storage.

It can be leveraged to enable edge devices, including smartphones, to act as part of a network.

This approach is known to give networks the ability to scale massively and allow any device or peer to be a part of it.

2.   Energy Efficiency

Currently, blockchain platforms are known to require a lot of energy to operate. This can be a big problem for the earth in the long run, especially in terms of global warming. Therefore, Holochain is present as a more efficient alternative in terms of energy use.

3.   Configurable

This advanced technology allows each network to have the ability to configure itself according to its needs. This means that each application can have its own protocol, standard, and choice of consensus algorithm.

It also indicates that each application can change network performance, including latency, scalability, or throughput and configuring application resilience, privacy, and governance.

4.   Safe

This technology has the means to address the necessary security requirements. As a developer, you can get access to many important functions and features. For example resistance to reliability, damage, and proof-of-authorship data.

5.   Can Evolve

Holochain apps don’t need to be accurate in the first place. This can put unnecessary pressure on developers who want to launch their apps as soon as possible. This technology is also suitable for industrial demands which include energy, the food industry, to the supply chain.

6.   Scalable

This technology also offers a highly scalable solution, as new applications can join the network. This can help grow the computing power of the network itself.

What Can Holochain Do?

After understanding what Holochain is in depth, you need to understand some of the benefits and uses of the technology. You can use Holochain to develop a variety of distributed applications and platforms. The applications and platforms that you create can be intended for various uses.

After knowing what Holochain is, here is an interesting idea of what Holochain can be used for. The following is a list of applications or platforms that can be created using Holochain technology, including:

1.   Social Networking Apps

Social networking apps are one of the best examples of using Holochain technology. This technology is very useful considering that social networks can work without being connected.

2.   P2P Platforms

Small communities can use Holochain technology and set it up according to their needs. In addition, the P2P platform can also communicate with other networks and take full advantage of the capabilities of this technology.

3.   Collaborative Apps

You can choose Holochain technology to help create collaborative applications such as discussions, scheduling, to chat.

4.   Supply Chain Oriented Applications (Supply Chain)

Supply chains or commonly known as supply chains can also greatly benefit from Holochain technology. This is because Holochain can provide a unique way to handle supply chains, regardless of company, organization or geographic location.

After reading the article about what is Holochain, its advantages, and its uses, you can find out what Holochain is and some of the other advantages this technology has to offer. Hopefully this reading can add to your insight into the crypto space.


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