Watch: Analysts Predict Metacade May Rise 10X in 2023


Analysts have discussed various cryptocurrency market issues, following a rally in early 2023, and one project – Metacade – is definitely standing out as the top cryptocurrency to watch right now, especially given the strong pre-sale of MCADE tokens.

Some say that MCADE could rival the biggest names in the GameFi sector over the next few years, which provides great potential for future price movements. Highlighted as the top cryptocurrency to watch right now, Metacade could be one of the best investment opportunities this year due to its strong fundamental characteristics.

Metacade is getting ready to become the best crypto for investment now

Play-to-earn (P2E) games have developed into a leading sector in blockchain development, with the number of players playing P2E games growing year by year. By the end of 2022, blockchain games account for 52% of all transactions taking place on the blockchain, which is a huge success for the industry which is only 4 years old.

Many of Web3’s most exciting projects can be found in the GameFi sector, with Axie Infinity and Decentraland up more than 100x between 2020 and 2021. Now, Metacade’s pre-sale has attracted $10.4 million in its first 16 weeks, and experts say this is a big deal. a cryptocurrency with a 100x upside potential worth keeping an eye on.

The Metacade pre-sale sold out completely during its opening phase, and is now in phase 6 with tokens available for $0.017. The price of MCADE increased from $0.008 to $0.02 gradually during the pre-sale, during which time MCADE tokens are unlikely to return to this low price level again. Without a doubt, Metacade is a cryptocurrency worth watching right now. But how valuable is MCADE itself?

Metacade price prediction: Can MCADE reach $5 by 2025?

The MCADE token will be launched on the exchange business once the pre-sale stage is complete, and the metaverse arcade will start offering a wide variety of P2E games to its community. By the end of 2023, the value of MCADE could skyrocket to $1 as more users log on to Metacade to play some of the best P2E games on the blockchain. This is a 50x return from the end of the pre-sale stage.

Metacade will enter a price formation phase ahead of the next kirpto bull market, currently forecast for 2024-25. During this time frame, the MCADE token could really shoot up. Experts predict a price level of $7 for Metacade in 2025, which is a 350x increase from the end of the pre-sale.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first community-driven arcade on the blockchain. The main reason why this is the best cryptocurrency to watch is because Metacade will offer the largest selection of P2E games to be found on Ethereum, with each experience offering gamers a large financial reward.

The platform will also be a vibrant community hub where Web3 users can access all the latest trends and valuable game alpha, and earn cryptocurrency in a variety of ways. Metacade also supports various DeFi services, including MCADE staking for passive income.

How does MCADE work?

This arcade metaverse combines casual and competitive gameplay to deliver a comprehensive P2E game experience. Solo players can progress through unlimited levels in this arcade-style P2E game earning MCADE tokens along the way, while competitive players can join paid tournaments for a chance to win major crypto prizes.

The Metacade community center will also provide MCADE token rewards. Content creators can post game reviews, share insights, interact with other users’ posts, and earn crypto income in the process while engaging with the community that is at the core of the Metacade project.

What’s more, Metacade creates new job opportunities for its users through its Work2Earn feature. Crypto enthusiasts will be able to apply for part-time jobs, short-term jobs, and full-time positions at Metacade partner projects when they want to start a career in the blockchain.

MCADE token holders can use it to join paid tournaments, stake MCADE tokens to earn stablecoin rewards to support the project, and buy exclusive merchandise available in the ecosystem.

MCADE is a game changer

Metacade is truly a cryptocurrency that needs to be beached. The platform incorporates huge revenue potential through features that go beyond P2E gaming in the arcade metaverse, and will become a central hub for social activity on Web3.

In addition, the Metagrant program will directly support early-stage blockchain projects. P2E game developers can submit investment proposals to the Metacade community, which will vote to decide which new games are the best. Then, the most in-demand P2E games will be given funding to help bring the idea to life.

Is MCADE worth buying?

MCADE offers great investment potential and is touted as one of the best cryptocurrencies to monitor. In fact, the pre sale could be one of the investment opportunities this year, as MCADE’s price has high potential to go up in the future and looks too cheap.

The current value of MCADE is $0.017 and is unlikely to last long at this price level, so investors may want to get involved before it’s too late. Experts predict explosive price movements in 2023 and beyond, making Metacade one of the best cryptocurrencies to add to your watchlist.

You can participate in the MCADE pre-sale here.


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