Amid the Bitcoin Cash Clutter, Viabtc Founder Triggers Bitcoin Cat

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KANALCOIN NEWS – The developer of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin ABC, had a split after discussing the Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA). Reportedly, Bitcoin ABC will use Asert DAA from Jonathan Toomim to carry out the project.

Bitcoin ABC has also uploaded an article on their website about the Bitcoin Cash DAA discussion report. However, the discussion had experienced disagreements. This is because one of the main developers of Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Sechet, is behaving.

Sechet said that the Infrastructure Funding Proposal (IFP) would be added to the next development. The plan is that IFP will take 8 percent of the total prizes coming from Coinbase. This decision then created a debate among its members.

Amidst this heated debate, Viabtc founder Haipo Yang announced the idea of creating a new fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This was conveyed directly through his personal Twitter account.

In fact, Yang also conveyed it through his upload on his personal blog on August 5. The name of the Bitcoin Cash fork that this one is opinionating itself is Bitcoin Cat.

“I’m considering building a new fork of Bitcoin inherited from BCH called Bitcoin Cat. It’s a temporary name,” Yang said as quoted by News Bitcoin.

“Cats are cute and harmless, so they won’t go to war,” Yang continued.

Through this Twitter upload, Yang also invites all people who are knowledgeable about Bitcoin Cash to participate in the development of Bitcoin Cat.

“Everyone who loves Bitcoin Cash is welcome to participate and build CAT. Let’s make Bitcoin great again,” said Yang.

A day later, the Viabtc founder made an even more controversial tweet outside of Bitcoin Cat. Which alludes to the IFP filed by Sechet. In fact, Yang said he could double the block reward and fund the foundation without IFP.

“If Bitcoin Cash removes the UTXO that has not moved since the fork, we can double the block reward and fund the (Bitcoin ABC) foundation without IFP and without crossing the 21 million limit,” Yang said in a tweet.

Then, on Friday (7/8/2020) local time, Yang further solidified the concept of Bitcoin Cat which he would create as a fork of Bitcoin Cash. It is said that coin will be released on November 15, 2020.

“Bitcoin Cat is a fork coin based on Bitcoin Cash, and will most likely be released on November 15th,” said Yang.

Yang himself claims that his Bitcoin Cat will be different from Bitcoin Cash and other blockchains. He conveyed that smart contracts will be a key point in Bitcoin Cat. For That Coin, the basic script operations on Bitcoin that are currently encountered are deemed inadequate.

Haipo Yang also reiterated that Bitcoin Cat will work to modify the mining algorithm to be more ASIC friendly in the future.

“Bitcoin mining algorithms, if used as normal, or any DATA algorithms cannot eliminate hash waves,” Yang said in a post on his personal blog.


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