Mainnet and Testnet in Blockchain Technology

Mainnet and Testnet

The development of blockchain technology has recently been in the spotlight. This technology is one of the biggest inventions in today’s internet era. This technology is increasingly seen developing after the Mainnet and Testnet appeared.

Mainnet and Testnet are two important things used in the development of blockchain technology for cryptocurrency. Mainnet is an independent blockchain technology, while Testnet is a series of experiments to test, modify, and monitor blockchain sets.

What is Mainnet Crypto?

As explained above, Mainnet is an independent blockchain technology that has its own network with its own technology. This is a type of blockchain whose tokens are used frequently. An example is Ethereum.

So, it can be said that all transactions take place on the Mainnet. What’s more, Mainnet is considered more mature because it has gone through a rigorous evaluation process before being launched.

Apart from that, Mainnet has a great influence on crypto prices. Therefore, every time you experience a change, there will definitely be a system upgrade. More than that, there must be a wallet system when launching a crypto-based Mainnet.

How Mainnet Works

Prior to launching a blockchain project, the Mainnet project team will set up an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), or other means to help raise funds while building community. Later, the funds that have been collected will be used for the development of a blockchain network prototype.

After upgrades, bug fixes, and revisions, the project team will launch the Mainnet version of the blockchain. Usually called Mainnet Launch. The launch is a sign that blockchain projects are now accessible to the public.

The Effect of Mainnet on Digital Currency Prices

To be able to increase the price of a crypto project, upgrading and revising the Mainnet function is an obligation that needs to be done. One project that has succeeded because of the improvements on the Mainnet is Bitcoin (BTC).

By making improvements to the Mainnet, Bitcoin price growth can jump dramatically. This is in accordance with a quote from CoinCentral which states that Bitcoin managed to rise to 9.5 thousand US dollars from 7 thousand US dollars.

However, these mainnet launches do not always have a big impact or drive the price growth of a crypto project. It can be said that crypto prices can soar when market conditions are favorable or have a positive trend.

What is Testnet?

Next, you also need to understand what Testnet is. Testnet is one of the terms used to denote a blockchain network that performs an important function in the world of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, this is one of the factors that influence the value of digital currencies in the market.

How to use Testnet

Anyone can access the Mainnet and Testnet. To use Testnet, you need to create a wallet and get the address. Then, download the tested cryptocurrency wallet. Do the next installation and launch the wallet.

Furthermore, if you want to test digital currency on the Testnet, please do a search through the search engine with the keyword “Testnet faucet” plus the name of the currency to be tested. The search engine will help you find sites that provide the digital currency for testing.

Enter your wallet address on Testnet. You will have money in the wallet. Keep in mind again, that the digital money received is only for Testnet testing so it will not be counted as a result of the transaction.

From there, you can evaluate digital currencies through the Testnet network. If the digital currency is good and there are many people involved in its development, then the currency is predicted to be quite stable on the Testnet network. From there, you may take steps and decide to invest.

The Importance of Testnet in Blockchain Technology

There are several important Testnet functions that you need to know, some of which are as follows.

1. Periodic development

In its early stages, blockchain requires a lot of testing and development stages before being launched. To do so, a Testnet is required.

2. Safe for Mainnet

The test and development features of the Testnet are safe for the Mainnet because it doesn’t escape the protocol and doesn’t have to worry about breaking the main block chain.

Please note that tests on the Mainnet cannot be performed when an interaction damages the network or breaks the main block chain. That would certainly cause major disruptions to the blockchain.

Therefore, the prototype is usually tested on the Testnet first. That way, conditions will be finalized to specifications and ensuring everything is in order before launch.

Difference between Mainnet and Testnet

After knowing some information regarding Mainnet and Testnet, you need to know the difference. The following is an explanation regarding the differences between Mainnet and Testnet.

  • Purpose

Testnet is intended for initial testing or sandbox while Mainnet is a blockchain that will be launched.

  • Fee

In Testnet, the tokens used are worthless. As a result, the costs required are small. But on Mainnet, the costs required are quite large. That’s because every activity carried out on the blockchain requires a fee in the form of tokens or a certain value.

  • Network ID

Both Mainnet and Testnet have different network IDs. For example, the Ethereum Mainnet network ID is 1. While for the Testnet, the most commonly used network IDs are 3, 4, and 42.

  • Genesis Block

The Genesis block is the first block on any blockchain. Mainnet and Testnet have different genesis blocks from each other.

  • Transaction Frequency

Mainnet and Testnet have differences in terms of transaction frequency. The testnet transaction frequency is lower than the mainnet transaction frequency.

That is an explanation of the Mainnet and Testnet that you need to know. From the above information, it can actually be concluded that every blockchain project needs to be evaluated based on Mainnet. There needs to be an update or revision for some of its functions.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the project development map and evaluate what has been achieved. Hopefully the discussion about the Mainnet and Testnet can be useful!


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