IDO IEO ICO Review: Zenland Fee (ZENF)

ICO Zenland
Zenland Fee (ZENF)
Docs Whitepaper Audit
Tag Escrow Platform Deflationary
Feb 20, 2022 – Mar 31, 2023

Token Information

  • Ticker ZENF
  • Network Ethereum ERC-20
  • Contract-Address 0xE9b…c1A5
  • Token Supply 200,000,000 ZENF
  • Start Price $0.02
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Score Rate

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Round Table (4)

  • PreSale Round I Ongoing
  • Date Feb 20 – Mar 31, 2023
  • Tokens Sold 6,000,000 ZENF
  • Price $0.02
  • Target/Hardcap $120,000
  • Launchpad
  • 📝 Note: 3 months cliff, linear block-by-block release in 3 months
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Zenland is the first no-code smart contract platform where anyone buying or selling products/services can be sure the deal is safe.

Zenland Fee (ZENF) is an ERC-20 utility token of the Zenland smart contract platform. Token integration with the escrow platform and its deflationary model ensures robust tokenomics and its value-driven utility.




Name Position Social Media
Dior Khasanov The founder & CEO
Ruslan Sh. Team lead & backend developer
Ravshan H. Front end developer
Olim R. Product (UI/UX) designer
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Q1 2023

Phase II beta testing, TGE Strategy Development, Whitepaper v.1.0, Documentation V.2.0, Token Contract Audit, Token Minting, Ad/Bounty Campaigns

Q2 2023

Pre-approved model development, User items listings/moderation, Zenland mobile optimatization, Early adopters program, Strategic L1, L2 Partnerships, ZENF token IDO

Q3 2023

Profile Security and Analytics, Full Profile Reputation Analytics, Platform’s multichain compatibility, Fraud Report System, Whitepaper v.2.0, Niche Marketing Ads

Q4 2023

Full EVM-Compatibility, More Networks Integration, Custom Network settings, Support for more stablecoins/token, Documentation v.3.0, Marketplace launch, multichannel Marketing


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