Event: Cryptovsummit Dubai

Cryptovsummit 2023
– This event has ended, see other events in the Events Calendar. –
May 10, 2023
Dubai, Address Dubai Mall, UAE

CRYPTOVSUMMIT is an event that specializes in helping Crypto Companies (Blockchain, Metaverse and NFTs) and Investors meet under one roof for them to be able to create long-term business relationships.

The Event currently holds the position of being the most focused investment event for the Crypto industry. This means that CRYPTOVSUMMIT focuses on high-quality targeted attendees. This is extremely important as it makes sure all parties (from investors to attendees) are at the event with the expectations of doing business with one another.

CRYPTOVSUMMIT and its holding company have been in the UAE for more than a decade. And making Dubai the base of operations has worked to be our greatest investment.

  • Misha Hanin, CEO and Co-Founder at DeepDive.Tech
  • Sally Eaves, CTO and Thought Leader in Emergent Technology
  • Simon Cocking, Founder / Senior Editor of Irish Tech News
  • Josina Rodrigues, Blockchain P.H.D, Top 25 Blockchain Speaker, Academic Advisory
  • Alexander Geralis, Chief Product Officer of cXchange
  • Frank S. Cha, Chief Operating Officer at DataXchain
  • Dana Farbo, COO and Investor at Augmate
  • Stephan Shakespeare, CEO and Founder at YouGov
  • Gary Markham, Co-Founder and CEO at aXpire
  • Miguel Angel Parad, CEO at Ideasreward
  • Khalid Parekh, CEO and Founder at Amchart
  • Adam McBride, Co-Founder at Def Foundation
  • Ekaterina Volkova, VP of Investment and Finance at Priority Token
  • Jon Leonard, CEO at Tautachrome
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  • Web 3 vs Web 2? How will Web 3 change the current Web 2 business landscape? And what can business professionals & organizations do to not be left behind?
  • What exactly is the Cryptocurrency? How will it truly change our lives? And what should we do to prepare?

Twitter: twitter.com/dmsummits

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/kryptics/

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