Empowering Global Startups, CV Labs and EY Startup Academy Collaborate

CV Labs and EY Startup

KANALCOIN NEWS – CV Labs opens a partnership with EY Startup Academy. Aiming to provide selected startups with valuable resources, expert guidance, and unique opportunities to optimize their business models and achieve sustainable growth in the blockchain industry.

As is known, CV Labs is a venture capital company that provides capital for business development in the field of crypto currency. Meanwhile, EY Startup Academy is a company engaged in coaching specifically to support technology and fintech startups.

Empowering Global Startups

CV Labs has always supported corporate companies, investors and global startups to take advantage of blockchain technology. This relates to its role as the driving force behind the crypto valley international ecosystem. CV Labs tries to offer various crypto-related consultations, accelerator programs, initial capital, and so on.

Various corporate elements have provided the global power driving the momentum of Web3, the next phase of the internet powered by blockchain technology.

The cooperation of the two large companies will select the best startup to receive free training for 6 weeks. From mid-September to mid-November 2023 To perfect their business models and key components with the help of structured advice from EY experts.

This can be an opportunity for start-up companies who wish to receive funding as well as training to develop their business.

Targeting Tech and FinTech Innovators

EY Startup Academy welcomes technology and FinTech startups that already have a minimal viable product or proof of concept. There are 3 new focus areas introduced by the program. Namely Embedded Financial Solutions, Web3 and Digital Assets and Sustainable Finance/ESG fintech. And EY hopes startups apply to and benefit from the program’s comprehensive support.

Added Value for Participants

All selected participants will get access to long-term support from EY in both strategic and operational aspects of their business. This includes admission to the prestigious Academy Alumni Club, participation in the Entrepreneur of the Year program, and access to global and regional EY events.

Not only that. Participants also benefit from concentrated knowledge transfer in vital areas, networking opportunities, free access to TechQuartier workstations, monetary prizes, and increased visibility through the EY Startup Academy Award.

But that’s not the flagship program. EY apparently also provides exclusive access to EY’s proprietary tools, which are designed to cover startup innovation processes holistically. Some of the tools that participants can access are EY Growth Navigator, EY VentureBuilder, and EY Finance Navigator, helping beginners evaluate and develop strategies, implement product roadmaps, and create strong financial plans.

This form of cooperation could become history in the development of the blockchain ecosystem. With the combination of these two well-known companies.

The partnership between CV Labs and EY Startup Academy marks an exciting milestone in the development of the blockchain ecosystem. By combining startups in Crypto Valley and beyond with better tools and knowledge. For the development of a competitive blockchain background.


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