Confident Bitcoin Will Win the Race Against Gold, This US Billionaire Still Has BTC For Investment

Paul Tudor Jones

KANALCOIN NEWS – Any type of coin in cryptocurrency still has the risk of free fall just because of the existing sentiment. Including coins as big as and as powerful as Bitcoin. Still have the opportunity to lose even if only due to market sentiment.

Cryptocurrency experts and big-time investors predict that no matter how high the price of Bitcoin can skyrocket, it will eventually return to AHT. Because of the various market fluctuations that exist.

But it turns out that this does not apply to a Bitcoin investor and billionaire from the US named Paul Tudor Jones. He still chooses to save Bitcoin and make it an investment because he believes that the coin created by Satoshi Nakamoto can still be relied upon.

Reporting from Bitcoin News, Paul Tudor Jones said his opinion on the event titled “Squawk Box” from CNBC. He said that the US Central Bank had gone too far in its move to raise interest rates.

An increase in interest rates will have an impact on reducing the inflation rate in the US. Causing its own challenges to crypto assets, including Bitcoin.

Moreover, Bitcoin has a whole set of tools that defy US regulations. Obviously, this will make it harder for Bitcoin to go up in value.

However, this did not shake Paul’s intention to continue owning Bitcoin. Include it as an investment instrument, even if it’s only a small portion.

“From the start, I always said I wanted to have a small allocation for it (Bitcoin). because it’s the only thing humans can’t control. So I’m sticking with it and I’ll always keep Bitcoin as a small diversification in my portfolio,” said Paul.

Paul’s beliefs and statements were not carried out just this once. In October 2021, a month before crypto winter started, Paul had said that Bitcoin would win the race against gold.

Apart from that, Paul also said the reason why he bought gold and Bitcoin as an investment. His goal is to protect his wealth from investment. And now, when inflation in the US begins to gradually fall, Paul calls this situation getting better.

Bitcoin, Crypto Trend Pioneer from Time to Time

Please note, of all the existing crypto assets, Bitcoin is the most popular coin with the highest capitalization value. Naturally, because Bitcoin is a pioneer as well as the early ancestor of the emergence of crypto. Both as a means of payment and investment instruments.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name that became the forerunner of Bitcoin. In fact, it was he who first created Bitcoin and introduced it as a digital currency and medium of exchange in 2009.

Bitcoin’s journey to become the biggest coin is not instant. The ups and downs of the capitalization value and the price of Bitcoin have always accompanied its journey over the past 14 years. Until finally it was able to prove itself as the most popular and most valuable crypto asset today.


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