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Dear Bityard users,

The Bityard Contract Trading Team Competition will be held from April. During the event, users can register for a Bityard account, become a team member, and participate in contract transactions during the event to share bonuses of up to 60,000 USDT. The higher the team rank, the more rewards!

➢ Participation Terms :

Users with account balance ≥50 USDT can participate.

➢ Score Calculation Requirements :

  1. This team competition only calculates the transaction data of all trading pairs of cryptocurrency contracts in Bityard.
  2. The top 10 teams will be ranked according to the total team contract transaction volume during the event.
  3. Total team contract transaction volume = total transaction volume of members
    Number of transactions = margin * leverage

➢ Bonus Terms :

1. Prize Pool Competition :

At this event we will determine the prize pool based on the effective total of all participating teams. The more the total number of participants, the bigger the prize pool, and the maximum prize is 60,000 USDT!

Number of registered participants(People)1,0002,0003,0005,00010,000+
Prize Pool (USDT)500010000200003000060000

2.Team bonus distribution rules :

  1. The first ranking team can split up to 30% of the team’s prize pool.
  2. The second ranked team can split 20% of the total team prize.
  3. The third-placed team can split up to 10% of the team’s prize pool.
  4. 4th ~ 10th ranked teams can share 40% of the team’s prize pool.

3. Team internal bonus distribution rules:

Team members’ transaction amount of $50,000 (including leverage) can be divided into team internal bonuses.

  • The team leader can get 30% of the team bonus
  • Team members who are in the TOP 10 of the trading volume can share 40% of the team bonus 
  • The remaining team members can share 30% of the team bonus

4. The total prize pool for individual trading volume is 5000 USDT   

  • The first winner will get 30% of the prize pool
  • The second place winner will get 20% of the prize pool
  • The third place winner will get 10% of the prize pool          
  • The fourth to tenth place winners will be split equally into 40% of the prize pool

5. Tribute to Popular Team

As long as the team has the most number of members and the top three ranks will be awarded. With the condition that the transaction volume must reach 50,000USDT during the competition period to become a valid team member.

  • The first team will receive 60,000 TRX
  • The second place team can earn 30,000 TRX
  • The third place team can earn 10,000 TRX

➢ Event Instructions :

1. Team building requirements :

  1. During the formation period, users who wish to register as a team leader can fill out the Form “Bityard Contract Trading Team Leader Registration Form” (
  2. Users can freely join the available teams.
  3. A team needs at least 5 members (excluding the captain) to successfully participate in the competition.
  4. Once the competition starts, the team leader can continue to invite new members to join the team.

2. Competition registration requirements :

  1. During the event, users can only join one team, and once they join, they cannot leave the team. Joining a team means participating in individual competitions automatically and having the opportunity to receive prizes.
  2. Only members with trading volume ≥ 50,000 USDT (including leverage) get a chance to enter the prize pool. For teams with less than 19 members, 70% of the prize pool will be divided equally among all members.

3. Prize distribution :

  1. The ranking will be displayed on the Bityard official website, and users can view the list.
  2. Prizes will be distributed within 7 working days after the announcement of the competition results.

➢ Other Instructions :

  1. During the competition, Bityard reserves the right to cancel the qualifications of competition participants who are caught cheating (the definition of “cheating user” includes but is not limited to the following: no transactions during the competition, quick liquidation, mass registration with multiple accounts , self-dealing, market manipulation)
  2. Set aside one day to eliminate substandard teams. If a team does not meet the standards, members will be randomly distributed
  3. Bityard reserves the right to provide the final interpretation of this event.


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