Akon Crypto Project Adds Delchain Blockchain Financial Infrastructure As Partner


KANALCOIN NEWS – Akoin is a Crypto project from a famous singer, namely Akon, where Akoin has joined the Blockchain financial infrastructure company, Delchain. Delchain is reportedly part of the Deltec International Group. So the project is led by digital asset management namely Delaham which is an affiliate of Bahamas based Deltec, has been providing strategic advisory services and expertise with regards to Akoin token generation events in top tier exchanges. Which will be scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.

The Crypto Akon project is built on the Stellar Blockchain with the aim of providing utility tokens in atomic exchange, which in turn allows parties to make transitions across various digital assets as well as fiat currencies. So the partner between Crypto Akon and the Delchain Blockchain financial infrastructure has the goal of helping people maneuver assets, because Akon himself sees a picture of the current monetary difficulties in Africa. Even problems related to unstable currencies are also a reference.

So, from there this great singer said that citizens of these countries often barter with cell phone notes and credit in exchange for products and food. So Akoin is here as a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to encourage rising entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond to unlock the growth potential of the world’s largest economy by creating income-generating opportunities and stimulating innovation, entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa. and other lean economies.

Seeing this statement, Delchain also provided some more in-depth knowledge regarding this Akoin. So outfit with its Blockchain financial infrastructure present as industry best practices, financial services, and top-level relationships related to digital asset management, token creation events, and token custody management and services. That’s why Akoin decided to partner with Delchain, where Delchain is one of the most productive financial facilities, especially in the Crypto world. And the Delchain side also understands what the Crypto Akon project wants to try to do in Africa given the type of challenges it will face, at a time when most banks and other financial facilities are not willing to take up the partner’s offer at this time.

Indeed today many famous figures have jumped into the Crypto space with ties to various products, since Bitcoin was founded more than a decade ago. This can be seen where not only singer Akon has a Crypto project along with the Blockchain financial infrastructure, but there is also a big actor namely Johnny Depp who partners with the crypto social platform TaTaTu. But it is also not uncommon nowadays for some Crypto transactions involving celebrities to move South because they face the United States Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.


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