8 Cryptos That Could Rise During Pre-Sale with 10x Potential

Cryptos 10x Potential

There’s no better chance of making big profits than identifying a project with a lot of potential in a pre-sale. These projects usually start at a very low price, and getting in early means the token held can fully benefit from rising prices over time as more people find out about the project and buy it.

With the grounding of a bear market behind us now, there’s no better time to survey the crypto market and look for pre-sale cryptos ready to become investments with 10x Potential returns over the coming months.

Here are some of the best candidates for the top crypto lineup that gives their holders the best prospects for big returns:

  • Metacade (MCADE)
  • Metropoly (METRO)
  • EstateX (ESX)
  • HedgeUp (HDUP)
  • Artyfact (ARTY)
  • Dogedoge (DOGODOGE)

1. Metacade (MCADE)

Many seasoned investors predict Metacade to be one of the highest-gaining cryptocurrencies for the coming years due to the project’s high potential and frenzied pre-sales, which have raised $13.6 million so far in just 17 weeks. The project is showing no signs of slowing down, as total funding is now increasing in its final pre-sale stage.

Much of this interest stems from the recent release of his white paper, which has been very well-received by the crypto community due to the broad vision and sensible implementation steps that the Metacade team has laid out.

Central to this vision are the flagship elements of the Metacade ecosystem — the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade on the planet. The arcade will host an enormous game library and ensure that gamers of all tastes are satisfied with the experience provided.

The project offers a unique and useful system that accommodates all types of players – whether they just want to play casually or challenge the best in the community. Players will be rewarded with earnings regardless of their preference, offering everyone the opportunity to earn money while playing the game.

The reward system doesn’t stop there, as it allows users to earn rewards for non-gaming activities that benefit the wider user experience. This is seen as a strategic step in platform design due to the positive benefits that more users means more people contributing to the quality of the Metacade platform.

The platform uses a utility token known as MCADE, which powers the reward mechanism and fulfills the role of platform currency. This makes the value of MCADE tied directly to the growth of the platform’s users, with more users joining likely to drive significant buying pressure on the MCADE token.

MCADE can also be locked in staking, which provides a means of passive income for holders who wait for the token’s value to increase over time. Staking rewards are distributed in stablecoins to avoid ballooning the supply of MCADE, which is only 2 billion tokens, which is considered very investor friendly.

If that’s not enough, the Metagrant program has proven to be a huge draw for investors. This allows game development teams from diverse backgrounds to convey their ideas to the Metacade community. MCADE holders can then exercise the governance rights granted to them by holding MCADE tokens to vote on which projects are eligible for funding from the Metacade treasury.

Metacade has firmly established its position in the maximum potential list to become one of the highest rising cryptocurrencies due to its tremendous project potential.

>>> You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here <<<

2. Metropoly (METRO)

Metropoly is a project that leverages the NFT standard to allow investors to incorporate real estate into their investment portfolio without going through the lengthy and costly process of actually buying a property.

Metropoly means investors can access assets in new and exciting ways through fractionalized investing. By going into the pre-sale stage, investors can get ahead of the crowds that may come later as the project becomes more and more well-known over time.

The project has also demonstrated strong marketing capabilities, with various holder benefits such as NFT and cashback, along with an eye-catching competition to win a scenic Burj Khalifa property valued at over $1 million.


ASTL is a project that opens up the world of crypto mining to the masses by removing the difficulty of setting up new ones instead of buying a shared mining pool. Purchasing ASTL tokens is equivalent to securing a portion of the overall mining power and means that those who own the tokens can earn mining income without the extra costs and capital outlay that usually means the effort goes nowhere.

The project has also taken steps to diversify its energy needs, focusing as much as possible on renewable energy for ESG-conscious investors. ASTL is part of a growing movement of projects looking to offer mainstream investors an alternative investment class through the power of blockchain, so ASTL can get up early as campaigns accelerate.

4. EstateX (ESX)

EstateX is another real estate-focused tokenization project, with it focusing primarily on high-end real estate. By doing so, EstateX opens up a whole world of investing that was previously completely unavailable to most investors, meaning they can invest in luxury properties and benefit from the excellent price appreciation in luxury real estate over the years.

EstateX is well positioned as a real estate blockchain in that it can bring significant amounts of capital to the industry over time, so those smart enough to get in early can benefit from the significant buy-in requests that can be created for ESX tokens.

5. HedgeUp (HDUP)

HedgeUp is another project exploring alternative investments, this time with a wider range of assets and growing popularity even across the TradFi industry. These assets are high-end luxury assets, such as fine wines, luxury watches, yachts, and more, and a significant driver of growth in this industry is the huge returns that many of these investments can generate for their owners.

Opening this world to everyday investors by leveraging Web3 technologies allows investors of all types to gain exposure to high quality goods that have performed so well in the past as investments that were not normally available.

The HedgeUp Project has made it clear that it is designed to be run by the community. The team has succeeded in this by implementing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) system that allows the community to vote and take action in future strategic decision-making. This could provide long-term incentives for HDUP token holders over time.

6. Artyfact (ARTY)

Artyfact is a project targeting the high-end gaming market by building a GameFi platform focused on gaming experiences that will combine P2E features with the ability to explore open-world gaming experiences drawing inspiration from the likes of GTA Online and Fortnite.

Players will be able to earn ARTY tokens through the games they play, with plans to combine various NFT-supported in-game assets such as avatars, weapon skins, and more. The project was launched on Binance Smart Chain and will also benefit from low transaction fees on its marketplace.

This project has a broad focus and wants to release metaverse experiences in the future, enable users to attend user-curated experiences, and provided the project is able to realize the significant ambitions of the outlined world, it can take advantage of the metaverse world’s predicted growth as Web3 technology becomes increasingly known in the years to come.

7. Dogodoge (DOGODOGE)

Dogodoge is an exciting new project that is still in the pre-sale stage and wants to take Shiba Inu inspired meme coins to the next level. The project has outlined its ambition to serve a variety of crypto use cases, and perhaps most notably, has presented a number of different NFTs that reflect the high quality of dog art.

The project also has ambitions in the play-to-earn sector, with high-level plans outlined to focus on the world of virtual sports and foreseeing the DOGODOGE project to embrace major dog racing industries through a Web3-enabled equivalent system.

The project is also building a decentralized exchange (DEX) known as Dogo Swap. This will not only allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way but will form the basis of the future DOGODOGE ecosystem, which could include a wider range of products such as other games and marketplaces to attract users.

8. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra is an exciting new project that uses blockchain technology to drive positive environmental action. By using the project’s R2E application, users can earn Ecoterra in return for their actions in recycling.

The Ecoterra team also aims to create an extensive set of tools for its users and focuses specifically on corporate users with a few more features. These include the recycling materials market and carbon offset market, and the project enables businesses to create impact profiles to see their positive actions.

Ecoterra could achieve significant success if it is able to build on the attractiveness of corporate users for whom ESG responsibilities are of increasing concern. If they can capture some of this market, they could be well positioned for some significant price increases over the next few years.

What is the right project for the biggest profit?

Although a number of projects are available at an early stage, only Metacade will be at the heart of a new sector that will grow explosively. With such tremendous potential, it is no doubt that Metacade is the clearest favorite choice of investors generating the greatest returns and hope that Metacade remains one of the highest-gaining cryptos for years to come.

With pre-sales growing rapidly due to the high level of interest from investors realizing the potential of the project, there may be little time left for a lucky investor to secure MCADE at the highly discounted prices available during the pre-sale.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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