Yevhen Rudenko: DeFi market will grow fivefold by 2025

Yevhen Rudenko

Co-Founder and Deputy Director of the Blockchain Technology Development Institute Yevhen Rudenko predicts a 5x growth of the decentralized finance market by 2025, an opinion he shared on his Facebook page.

“DeFi trends of 2023 such as improved blockchain capacity and scalability, development of the stablecoin market, evolution of order book liquidity, growth of institutional investment, development of new products and services, and the improvement of the user experience suggest that the DeFi market will grow by about 5 times by the beginning of 2025. This growth will be driven by the increase in the number of participants and accepted assets, development of cross-chain solutions, and more efficient liquidity mechanisms, which, in turn, will attract even more investment,” said Rudenko.

Yevhen Rudenko also expects improved security of the technology, and continued improvement of the usability of DeFi. He also believes that the inevitable growth of decentralized finance could lead to increased regulation of the market.

The world’s leading analysts support Rudenko’s forecasts. For example, Pedro Ferreira, a financial analyst at Financemagnates in his article titled 2024 Outlook: Transformative Trends in Financial Firms, also predicts growth of the DeFi share in the financial sector. “The integration of DeFi is gaining momentum in financial circles. As blockchain technology evolves, financial firms are exploring ways to incorporate DeFi principles into their operations. This trend reflects a broader shift toward decentralized and democratized financial systems, challenging traditional banking structures,” he writes.

Carlo R.W. De Meijer, MIFSA owner and financial expert, agrees with this forecast. In his blog on Finextrahe writes that in 2024, DeFi is likely to continue evolving and expanding into various sectors, offering a broader and more advanced range of financial services next to decentralized lending, borrowing, and trading services. 


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