Web3 Carnival 2023 Wraps Up a Week-Long Celebration of Innovation and Empowerment in Bangalore

Web3 Carnival

-Unveiled Tomorrow, Celebrated Today: Web3 Carnival Transformed Bangalore into a Hub of Innovation and Empowerment

PRESS RELEASE, Bangalore, December 15, 2023 – The Web3 Carnival 2023, an exceptional event that united the Web3 community in a dynamic blend of innovation and empowerment, has successfully wrapped up its 7-day spectacle at the Palm Meadows Resort in Whitefield, Bangalore, spanning from December 4 to December 10, 2023.

Powered by Giakaa and Threeway Studio, and proudly supported by the Ton Foundation as the title sponsor, the event showcased a vibrant and inclusive community. Notable sponsors such as GBA, Voatz, Earth ID, Estfab, Brinc, Coinstore, Soulverse, Dimo, Verseaetile, Outdefine, Safeverse, Anryton, Cobox, Bounce, Casa NFT, Dexcheck, Lbank, Encryptus, Conffero Heritae, Zebra, Xaults, AdLunam, XD Sea, Xinfin, and more contributed to the success of the Web3 Carnival.

With a focus on women’s empowerment and catalyzing decentralized startup growth, .Mr.Agrim Nagrani, Founder of Web3Carnival expressed excitement on the final day, stating, “The Web3 Carnival has been an extraordinary journey, bringing together brilliant minds, fostering collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 space. We are thrilled to have created a platform that empowers and celebrates the diversity of our community.”

At the event, Anryton, a leading technology startup and a sponsor of the Web3 Carnival, introduced a groundbreaking DNA-based NFT at the event. This innovative technology forms the basis of a digital passport, addressing crucial genetics-related concerns in medical records and data security. Anryton’s DNA-based NFT passport provides a secure and accessible platform for comprehensive health data, empowering individuals with full ownership and control over their information, facilitating global access for medical professionals, and enabling proactive family health management.

Throughout the 7-day event, participants engaged in various activities, including the Combining Kickoff Party, Indian Culture Night, Awards Night in association with Cillionaire at Marriott, NFT Art Culture & Exhibition with 50+ paintings & 25+ artists in physical and virtual auctions, the book launch by Harman Puri, and the Cypher Genesis Summit 2023.

Key Event Highlights:

  • Day 1: Focused on Blockchain Infrastructure, setting the stage for the Web3 journey, followed by a lively Kick-off Party.
  • Day 2: Explored DAO and Governance, unraveling the secrets of their impact on industries and communities. The evening celebrated Indian Cuisine.
  • Day 3: Delved into the Metaverse, GameFi, Demo Night, and Fundraising, showcasing groundbreaking technologies that shape the future.
  • Day 4: Focused on ZK & Security, followed by an Awards Night recognizing trailblazers in tech and innovation.
  • Day 5: Explored CeFi, DeFi, Staking, and a Web3 Prop Party, delving into the transformative power of financial technologies.
  • Day 6: Centered around Enterprise Blockchain and NFT Art Culture Exhibition Night, highlighting the intersection of art and technology.
  • Day 7: Explored NFT & Utilities, concluding with an EDM Closing Party bidding farewell to the grand Web3 event of the year.

Web3 Carnival 2023 successfully created an immersive and collaborative environment, leaving a lasting impact on the Web3 community. As the curtains close, participants are equipped with inspiration, knowledge, and memories to fuel their ongoing journey in the rapidly evolving Web3 space.

About Web3 Carnival:

Web3 Carnival is a premier event that brings together pioneers, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore and celebrate the advancements in the Web3 ecosystem. With a vision of creating an inclusive community, Web3 Carnival aims to shape the future of technology and empower individuals in the digital age.

About Giakaa

Giakaa spearheads a seamless digital evolution from Web2 to Web3, empowering clients to navigate this transformative shift effortlessly. Giakaa is committed to harnessing blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized technologies to revolutionize industries and redefine user experiences. Embracing change’s power, we steer clients toward a future where the boundless potential of Web3 is fully realized, creating a decentralized, interconnected world, unlocking new opportunities and shared success. 

About Threeway Studio

Threeway Studio stands at the forefront as the world’s leading comprehensive Blockchain Solution Company. Its proficiency in BaaS & GaaS (Blockchain & Growth as a Service) empowers the crafting of cutting-edge solutions, propelling our clients to new heights. Over recent years, the team of Decentralised Digeratis has been dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in seamlessly transitioning from the traditional Web2 framework to the pioneering Web3 paradigm.


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