Solscan Has Officially Integrated with Etherscan


The Solana Co-Founder welcomed Solscan’s breakthrough, amid news of its acquisition of Etherscan, which is designed to redefine the way we explore blockchain.

KANALCOIN NEWS – Earlier this year, the blockchain world was shocked by the news of Etherscan absorbing Solscan, the blockchain data platform under Solana. This news was announced on their official website. Their collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of blockchain exploration.

The strategic collaboration between Etherscan, a blockchain analysis and exploration platform under Ethereum which was founded in 2015, and Solscan, is said to be a genius move for both platforms. This strategic move marks their pursuit of excellence, transparency, and innovation in the blockchain space.

Etherscan Acquires Solscan

Etherscan’s move as the world’s leading block explorer in acquiring Solscan went smoothly. Solscan, as the preferred platform for Solana users, started its new journey this year by collaborating with Etherscan to increase blockchain exploration.

In its official statement on the X account, Solscan expressed its enthusiasm and respect for being part of Etherscan. This announcement also underscores the importance of the event as it can position Solscan to make a major contribution to the Solana ecosystem.

Meanwhile, quite a few think that this collaboration is an important step in the realm of blockchain exploration. Solscan and Etherscan share the same vision of providing fair and neutral access to blockchain data. Going forward, both platforms are committed to improving their services collaboratively, the announcement noted.

On the other hand, users can not only take advantage of the sustainability advantages in the Solana ecosystem, but also use the integration of additional features aimed at enriching exploration and analysis capabilities.

Improve User Experience with a Collaborative Approach

Solscan, in its statement on the X platform, emphasized its dedication to user experience. They expressed ongoing efforts to deliver “effective and optimized block explorer technology.”

Solscan also underscored their commitment to the need to expand and contribute more value to the ecosystem as a whole. In other words, this guarantee reflects Solscan’s dedication to developing itself along with the evolving needs of its users.

Meanwhile, after becoming part of Etherscan, Solscan sharpened its focus on facilitating a better user experience. The scope includes improvements in the user interface, navigation and overall accessibility.

Solana Co-Founder Praises Solscan Development

In another announcement, Solscan revealed that optimization of the Solscan Program Display feature had led to significant improvements. This update has the primary goal of improving user interactions and program data by ensuring a more intuitive experience. Additionally, the introduction of interactive charts adds a level of customization, offering users a smoother and more memorable exploration experience within the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

On his X account, Anatoly Yakovenko, Co-Founder of Solana, several times described his support through nautical emojis (which relate to the sea) as an expression to celebrate the positive momentum and excitement of his community regarding Solscan’s progress.

The optimized display is in line with Solscan’s commitment to innovation and user-oriented solutions in the blockchain space.


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