Lado Okhotnikov: You Can Be Successful Even in “Bearishness” and Meta Force Is an Example of It — 700,000 Users Connected to the Metaverse in a Year

Lado Okhotnikov

Ten years ago, the term “third generation Internet”—Web 3.0—was first used. The concept dates back to the late 90s, but interest in it has grown dramatically in recent years. One of the striking examples of the embodiment of the idea of a decentralized Internet is the Meta Force platform.

Meta Force is a decentralized Metaverse that allows you to take a fresh look at doing business online. Here everyone can create their own virtual community and monetize the content they generate using cryptocurrency.

Lado Okhotnikov is the CEO of Meta Force, a next-generation decentralized Metaverse. The idea of creating a completely autonomous virtual space where everyone can freely communicate, run business and earn money came to Lado 10 years ago. At that time, the concept of Web 3.0 was just emerging, and while working in the network business, he began to think about how to transfer his work to smart contracts.


Lado witnessed when the first iteration of the Internet, Web 1.0, gained popularity in the 90s. Websites of that era were static, read-only pages containing text, links, and images, greatly limiting the ability to promote a business.

I remember how in the 2000s the first sites began to appear that contributed to the advent of the advertising revenue model. Where users could create content, but did not own it or benefit from monetization. That is, what they created did not belong to them, but others received money for it,” Lado recalls the times of the birth of social networks.

At that time, Lado was actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities. He founded a business in the Tianshi company, which specialized in the production of dietary supplements. “Initially, all the work fell on me – I managed the products, promoted them on the market, which was quite difficult to do given the inaccessibility of those tools that are available now,” Lado said.

Unfortunately, negative changes occurred in the company, and Lado had to look for new opportunities for business development. One of the promising areas was occupied by the Galaxy Mate company, which offered the natural drink Yerba mate – traditional Argentinian tea. The product is quite interesting and healthy, ideal for meditation and calm, as it maintains balance in the body, relieves fatigue, fights migraines and helps maintain normal weight. Lado took up this business with enthusiasm and soon became the company’s sales leader.

  • Do you want to know how this story ended and what inspired Lado Okhotnikov to found Meta Force? Read the full interview, where he tells the story of dependence on other people’s decisions, which destroyed what he had been building for years.

After the advent of social networks, it took about ten years for the Internet to become a full-fledged tool with which ordinary people could earn money. Thus we entered the era of Web 3.0, in which the Internet considered the issues associated with digital asset ownership.

global web3 market
According to, the WEB3 market could grow by approximately 3850% in 10 years

We are increasingly hearing about decentralization, the use of pseudonyms for anonymity, data encryption for security, consensus technology for verifying information, and “zero” trust.

It was “zero trust” that eliminated the need to work with intermediaries when conducting operations or transactions.

Instead of relying on someone else, we use mathematical algorithms and cryptography to confirm and verify trades. This makes the process transparent and secure. No one can change data or make any transactions without explicit consent,” Lado Okhotnikov describes one of the fundamental principles of Meta Force. 

Lado Okhotnikov: “I wanted objects in virtual reality to become more than pictures”

Previously, owning in-game items was associated with the risk of loss: if you decide to end your participation in the game or your account is deleted, then all achievements will be canceled. This problem has been resolved.

With the advent of the concept of NFT (a unique virtual object that says: “This is mine and no one else has the same”), you are the rightful owner of in-game items. Now the game creators or anyone else have no way to deprive you of your digital property.

This means that even if you decide to stop playing, you do not lose your investment. Sell your digital assets on the market, recovering your investment and even making a profit.

To achieve it, a whole campaign has been launched within the Metaverse to implement a program for owning digital objects.

For the first time, such a term as GameAF appeared, which means a certain departure from the “matrix” in our current and future projects, and a transition to a new model. We have launched a trading platform where you can enjoy many unique functions, among which buying and selling NFTs are not the most important,” Lado Okhotnikov shares information.

Force Marketplace raises the level of security and offers additional options for digital assets. Now NFTs will not sit idle on a crypto wallet. The Tactile Products direction reveals its true potential when combined with GameAF and the loyalty program.

The Meta Force metaverse is a world where the virtual meets the real. Here participants will be able to purchase virtual apartments, mines, factories and shops, earning solid Royalty bonuses.

Once Metaverse launches, early access and best features will be available to active Uniteverse members and property owners. Our team is constantly working on optimization to ensure more efficient operation of the platform,” Lado Okhotnikov talks about plans on the eve of the grand event.

Uniteverse gives access to the virtual world, the native token of the Forcecoin platform, and the Royalty bonus program. However, as the community scales, other directions open up. Game Zone, Boost, Augmented Reality Games, Step-Binary are just the beginning of the journey.

Naturally, we all look forward to purchasing items that can be purchased in NFT format. At first it will be jewelry, merch, clothing, elements of the virtual world, and then more serious elements will become available – for example, real estate. But most importantly, some types of virtual things can be exchanged for their counterparts in the physical world,” Lado Okhotnikov, CEO of Meta Force.

(Yet) unsolved scaling issue

Some people think that one of the main difficulties for users is a lack of understanding of how to use crypto wallets, how to open them and where to store private keys. Allegedly, this prevents the cryptocurrency from further scaling, and therefore it cannot enter people’s everyday lives. Someone even said that we’d wait until a billion people get their digital wallets, and only then will crypto start to be in demand.

However, Lado Okhotnikov is not one of those who wait for difficulties to resolve themselves. Literally a year and a half after the start of the Meta Force community, it grew to 1,500,000 participants, whose total earnings exceeded one and a half billion DAI.

More than one million unique users used the site in October and November 2023. This is an impressive increase from our average of a quarter of a billion visits per month. This once again emphasizes the importance of revolutionary ideas and products that we promote in the crypto community. Meta Force is not just a Metaverse – it is a global community of like-minded people who are united by a common vision of a decentralized future,” said Lado Okhotnikov.

Apparently, one and a half million participants still figured out how cryptocurrency works, learned to use a crypto wallet and know what private keys are. So the problem is not that someone doesn’t know. The problem is that some people don’t want to make the effort to find out.

Let’s look at the forecasts. The head of Animoca Brands believes that it will take as much as 10 years or even more to create a similarity of a 3D Internet using virtual reality. In his opinion, Metaverses need all their contents to be able to communicate with each other. It’s as if all the people on the planet suddenly spoke the same language, so that it would be easy and understandable for everyone.

Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-creator of Ethereum, compared modern Metaverses to the Internet of the 90s. According to him, we are now at the very beginning of the development of virtual worlds. Lubin says confidently, “Before the end of the decade, virtual reality will change our daily lives.”

The bottom line: mass layoffs, budget cuts, asset freezes – all this has nothing to do with Meta Force

Despite the general decline in the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2023, the Meta Force Metaverse has shown impressive growth.

Over the past year, the number of platform users has grown by 700,000 and reached one and a half million people. These are newcomers who not only explore the virtual world, but also actively make money in it. Thus, the total amount of participants’ income exceeded 1,500,000 DAI tokens and continues to grow.

The community’s activity on social media is also growing: people share their experiences, show screenshots, and discuss platform innovations. And the developers themselves generously reward the loyalty of users. So, last year Royalty’s total bonuses reached $4,502,048.

At this rate, the Meta Force Metaverse will soon become a truly massive phenomenon, attracting tens of millions of people around the world.


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