From the US to India, Interest in Meme Coins Has Skyrocketed

Meme Coins

KANALCOIN NEWS – Looks like a toy. But who would have thought that the popularity of meme coins continues to skyrocket until now. According to CoinGecko, there are at least the 10 largest countries that control 82.9% of the global interest in crypto memes.

The United States occupies the first line as the country with the most interest in meme coins in 2023. There are about 23.6% of the world’s crypto meme interest and the 2 million views on the top meme pages are in the United States. And 60.7% of the total is achieved by Shiba Inu coins.

This achievement is not without reason. The role of celebrities and their high social media profiles in the cryptocurrency market allows the Shiba Inu to occupy the very top position. Following behind the Shiba Inu is the pepe coin with a total of 11.8% interest in meme coins in the US.

Then followed by the Bonk and Volt inu coins which were ranked third and fourth respectively. With a total interest of 5.7% and 4.9%.

After the United States, India is ranked second in the world for interest in meme coins. With a figure of 20.3% of the total worldwide interest in meme coins. Much like the US, the Shiba Inu coin is the most popular choice in India with a combined figure of 55.8%. Then followed by Baby Doge Coin with a total interest of 29.9%.

Not much different from India, the Philippines is also a country with the third largest demand for meme coins in the world. Floki coin tops the list in the Philippines with a total interest of 26.7%. Then followed by Shiba Inu and Bonk with an interest value of 18.3% and 17.8%. Baby Doge Coin and Pepe are close behind, with 12.7% and 10.2% interest share of Philippine meme coin, respectively.

In 2023, Shiba Inu is still the most popular meme coin. With a figure of 46.7% of the total worldwide interest in meme coins. Then followed by Baby Doge Coin with a value of 12.3%. Then followed by Pepe, Floki, and Bonk with respective values of 9.4%, 8.6% and 8.2%.

The Baby Doge Coin is able to score 61.1% in Morocco. However, it has little value in other countries.

From all the surveys conducted by CoinGecko, the popularity of meme coins will continue to grow from year to year. This can be quite a thing to be reckoned with in the world cryptocurrency market. New meme coins keep popping up. It could be an illustration that meme coins will still gain popularity in the next few years.

As it is known that meme coin or memecoin is a combination of meme and cryptocurrency. Focus aims to go viral through the explosive nature of memes and how quickly they spread. Even though it does have a fairly high risk, there are still quite a lot of enthusiasts for this coin.


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