Event: Metaverse Day 2024

Metaverse Day 2024
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January 24-25, 2024
Virtual Global, Online

Delve into the beginnings of the Metaverse and the combination of new technologies that bring it to life. We’ll look at how early virtual worlds have evolved and how blockchain technology is driving innovation, making the virtual world a reality.

Metaverse Day will explore the origins of the Metaverse, unpacking the convergence of emerging technologies that form it and opening our eyes to its future potential as it becomes increasingly accessible and is adapted across all industries. We’ll explore the evolution of early virtual worlds and how blockchain technology has opened the gates to innovation, helping to make the virtual world a reality.

Society is entering a new age where business, work, social interactions, and lifestyles can be managed and experienced within the virtual environment. The very future of these aspects in our lives is on the edge of phenomenal change, and we’ll unpack what transformations different companies are taking to secure their presence within their industries and how you can do the same to continue to reach your audience and create impactful experiences.

  • Alan Smithson, Co-Founder, MetaVRse, Inc.
  • Richard Bartle, Hon. Prof. Computer Game Design, School Of Computer Science And Electronic Engineering, University Of Essex.
  • Athena Demos, CEO & Co-Founder, Big Rock Creative
  • Jonah Jones, Product, Design & Leadership Advisor, Jonah Jones Design (Ex-Google, Facebook & Oculus)
  • QuHarrison Terry, Author, The Metaverse Handbook
  • DJ Skee, Founder & CEO, Dash Radio
  • Peter Busch, Product Owner Web3 Mobility, Bosch
  • Dr Jane Thomason, Founder, Web3 Institute
  • Joe Calder, Fellow, British Computer Society (Ex-Meta)
  • Moeed Butt, Tech Innovation Strategy Manager, Accenture
  • Toni Adentan, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Ready Player Me
  • Yorke Rhodes, Director Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Cloud Supply Chain, Microsoft
  • Tatiana Zander, Director Disruptive Technologies, Ericsson
  • Alan Boyd, Co-Founder & Chairman, Metadventures
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  • The Evolution of the Metaverse: From Early Virtual Worlds to the Spatial Web
  • Building the Metaverse: World building, Scalability and Infrastructure
  • The Future of Connectivity in the Metaverse
  • Digital Assets and Interoperability: The Future of Ownership
  • The Future of the Metaverse and Spatial Web
  • Immersive Technologies Shaping Tomorrow’s Experiences
  • Wallets, NFTs and the Financial Layer of the Metaverse
  • Journey to the immersive Web: Industries at the Crossroads of Innovation
  • Accessibility, Open standards and Interoperability in Virtual Worlds

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