Alert! Crypto Scammers Target Ethereum, Solana, and Tron Communities via Fake Airdrops

Fake Airdrop

KANALCOIN NEWS – Wallet drainer is a type of malware aimed at seizing assets in crypto by manipulating victims into agreeing to transactions that can use up all their assets.

Currently wallet drainers are starting to target the Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Tron (TRX) communities to carry out phishing scams. Previously, these scammers focused on committing crypto fraud via the EVM chain. However, the trend has changed after they expanded their reach to established crypto groups.

Overview of Airdrop Fraud by Wallet Drainer

According to a tweet from the Scam Sniffer account on the X platform, the phishing scam started by attracting the attention of crypto fans through a fake airdrop. They professionally designed a web page where one can claim airdrop rewards from Ethereum, Solana, and Tron.

Airdrop is the giving away of crypto assets for free after performing certain tasks. Fraudsters lure victims by claiming that the airdrop is an “exclusive opportunity” for community members. Apart from that, they used the trick of connecting the potential victim’s main wallet so they could access the airdrop.

Furthermore, Scam Sniffer explained that scammers can drain various types of crypto wallets through this web page.

This new method of fraud is troubling, because Ethereum, the second largest crypto application; Solana; and Tron has high popularity among crypto users. This can make crypto investors trust the wallet drainer in the hope of getting high crypto rewards. Thus, digital asset investments worth millions and billions can be lost due to wallet drainer fraud like this.

However, this kind of fraud can still be prevented through several checks. Footage shared by Scam Sniffer shows that such airdrop scam web pages usually have grammatical errors, which can be the first step in identifying the scam. However, they can develop fraudulent strategies over time.

Therefore, do not rush to open a link you receive. Check the link. Find out more through the official account of the entity concerned. If they don’t post about the airdrop, you can ignore the offer.

Apart from that, you also need to be wary of hacking X (formerly Twitter) accounts belonging to well-known companies to promote crypto scams.

Official Certik and Mandiant Accounts on X Hacked

The X account belonging to Mandiant, a cyber security company, was successfully reclaimed by its legal owner on January 4, 2024, after being the victim of hacking. The incident occurred over several hours at X and was immediately addressed after the Mandiant team showed evidence of account takeover. The attackers, disguised as Phantom, a non-custodial crypto wallet, used Mandiant’s compromised X account to promote crypto fraud.

Earlier this month, Certik, a blockchain audit firm, saw its X account hacked. After that, a malicious link was posted. It promised people to return digital assets lost due to various crypto scams. The questionable link was available on their website for quite some time before the Certik team managed to regain access to their X account.


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