Writing Guide Submit Post

Here is a writing guide when publishing analysis articles.

The content published on Kanalcoin is information related to blockchain, web3, metaverse, fintech or the latest trade and market movements that are happening in the Cryptocurrency Industry.
  • Make sure the posts sent are only opinions, analyses, ideas or essays related to cryptocurrencies, fintech and Blockchain technology.
  • Every image uploaded by the author will be resized according to the image size on Kanalcoin.
  • You can add an image source URL link or a graphic/chart source in the middle of the article, when you submit (example: https://prnt.sc/12qkqe0). When your article is published, the image will appear in the article post exactly where you placed the image/graphic link.
  • The length of the writing in each article is at least 400 words.
  • Any posts submitted to Kanalcoin are the responsibility of each author.
  • Make sure any posts submitted to Kanalcoin have never been published in any media.
  • Each author is required to register on the Kanalcoin website by completing profile information along with an account avatar photo.