P2P VPN Providers Offer Their Services For Free To Journalists

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KANALCOIN NEWS – US-based Peer-to-Peer VPN, or P2P VPN, will begin offering free private networks to journalists around the world. According to the announcement made on March 21, 2020, any journalist who has a press certificate and proof of status (regardless of geographic location) can still send emails to companies so that they can access the network.

The CEO and founder of Orchid Labs, namely Dr. Steven Waterhouse, gave a statement regarding the motivation of VPN providers to offer features for journalists from around the world. because Dr. Steven Waterhouse saw the result of an increase in crises which had an impact on press freedom which was often restricted. This is evidenced by the Chinese government’s decision to announce that it would give journalists certain press permits to return them and leave the country immediately.

Because seeing the current situation, Orchid Labs wants to ensure that journalists have the ability to access and transmit accurate information regardless of their geographical location, namely by decentralizing Blockchain. So that this system can provide a free VPN to measure the censorship of journalists.

Dr. Steven Waterhouse points out the decentralized Blockchain powered by Orchid at play in the VPN service, whose network allows equipment providers to earn Orchid digital currency (OXT). The CEO of Orchid Labs decentralized the characteristics of blockchain in building services that will provide greater privacy for its users. This is what makes it invaluable for journalists or journalists who are in countries that actively limit press freedom.

In a decentralized Blockchain-based infrastructure system, OXT enables peer-to-peer or P2P payments for bandwidth with a probability nanopayment system. This system is an attractive ‘layer-2’ solution compared to a number of other solutions which have been judged not to be easy, not respectful. Because sensors obtained from Blockchain technology have the additional advantage of existing transaction costs and availability. So issuing a large number of “lottery tickets” to pay, rather than individual transactions can leverage the network for consumer confirmation speed and unnecessary transaction costs. While still maintaining its independence from the central publisher.

Orchid Labs also ensures that traffic is routed through multiple servers, no one party can see the full picture with this Blockchain decentralization. Which of course is very important for journalists so they can take advantage of the service for free.


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