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WuuTrade ICO
Wuutrade (WUUT)
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May 15 – Sept 12, 2023

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WuuTrade is an investment platform where users run a trading smulation, compete with each other and AI, learn and improve trading skills.
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Token Information

  • Ticker WUUT
  • Network ethereum Ethereum ERC20
  • Contract-Address 0x163…1a6CB1
  • Token Supply 8,500,000,000 WUUT
  • Start ICO Price 0.008 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 9,044,000 USD
  • Personal Cap N/A
  • Raise (Not Set)

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Round Table (Token Sale)

  • Round 1 Ended
  • Date May 15 – June 24, 2023
  • Tokens Sold (1%) 85,000,000 WUUT
  • Price 0.008 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 680,000 USD
  • Launchpad
  • 📝 Note: –
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Video / Screenshot

Tokenomics Review

  • Total Supply: 8,500,000,000 WUUT
  • Network: ethereum Ethereum ERC20
  • Token Contract: 0x163b392C3A2dE5c39F4973463Fd3dB8eDF1a6CB1


NamePositionSocial Media
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2023 Quarter 1

First WuuTrade’s single match demo, WuuTrade profile and statistic tests, WuuTrade tournament tests and backlogs, WuuTrade live match simulation tests, First WuuAcademy course drafts, WuuTrade mobile apps in development, First WuuTrade mobile app tests.

2023 Quarter 2

WuuTrade new mechanics introduced, WuuTrade social media and marketing campaigns, WuuTrade Whitepaper and tokenomics released, WuuTrade team KYC passed, WuuTrade Token smart-contract audits, WuuTrade Presale launch, WuuTrade Waitlist access grants, WuuTrade first alpha-testsWuuTrade Private Round.

2023 Quarter 3

WuuTrade Apple and Android apps release, WuuTrade Influencer marketing, WuuTrade Beta-testing, WuuTrade first tournament amongst alpha testers, WuuTrade AI testing and improvement, WuuTrade bug fixes and improvements, Seed Round, WuuTrade public release, WuuTrade IDO launch, WUUT Token Generation Event.

2023 Quarter 4

Wuu Academy first courses release, Bug fixes and improvements, WuuTrade trading platform development, Partnerships and collaborations, WuuTrade Cards and NFT development, WuuTrade Airdrop, WuuTrade exchange integrations, WuuTrade trading platform alpha-tests.

2024 Quarter 1

WuuTrade DAO testing, WuuTrade mobile trading app development, WuuTrade staking mechanism testing, WuuTrade social trading tests.

2024 Quarter 2

Wuu kickstarter development, WuuTrade order routing launch, WuuTrade Strategy marketplace development, WuuTrade NFT and marketplace release.

2024 Quarter 3

Wuu DAO investment plan release, WuuTrade first project grants, WUUT token burn, WuuWorlds metaverse development, WuuTrade strategy marketplace release.

2024 Quarter 4

Wuu kickstarter first tests, Wuu kickstarter bug fixes and improvements, Wuu projects voting round, WuuWorlds metaverse alpha tests, WuuTrade improvements, WuuTrade grand offline tournament.

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