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Noracle ICO
Noracle (NORA)
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Jul 12 – Sept 10, 2023

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NORACLE is a decentralized base layer protocol for predictive models that will be used by hundreds of Dapps in Finance, Gaming and the Metaverse. The protocol will be used in various segments of online life and business where good predictive skills can give participants an advantage. As such, NORACLE is open to continuous integration of proven predictive models that use historical data combined with numbered domain parameters to predict outcomes in games or real-world events.
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Token Information

  • Ticker NORA
  • Network polygon logo Polygon
  • Contract-Address N/A
  • Token Supply 120,000,000 NORA
  • Start ICO Price 0,04 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 720,000 USD
  • Personal Cap N/A
  • Raise (Not Set)

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  • White List Stage Ongoing
  • Date Jul 12 – Sept 10, 2023
  • Tokens Sold (15%) 18,000,000 NORA
  • Price 0.04 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 720,000 USD
  • Launchpad
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Tokenomics Review

  • Total Supply: 120,000,000 NORA
  • Network: polygon logo Polygon
  • Token Contract: N/A


NamePositionSocial Media
Hugues N. WandjiLead Developer, Co-founder
Prateek TiwariBlockchain Head & Developer
Michael ScullSenior Developer
Pedie B. MbepkeSenior Developer
Dolly ShahProject Managaer
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2022: Q-2

Project Study & Research, Rough design, Proof of Concept, Seed Investment 1.

2022: Q-3

Refined Design, Team building, License acquisition from Youpi24, Protocol development, Design NORA642 Game.

2022: Q-4

Development protocol & NORA642, whitepaper, smart contracts design, seed investment 2.

2023: Q-1

Developments (Protocol, Contracts, NORA642), Community building, Strategic Token Pre-Sale.

2023: Q-2

NORA public pre-sale, Token Generation Event (TGE), Listing in DEXes and coin trackers, Partnerships, CEX Listings, Marketing & PR Strategy

2023: Q-3

Further developments, Integration and public testing, Smart contracts audits, Global Marketing, Staking features release

2023: Q-4

Release of NORA642, Release of Ecosystem Rewards (MATIC), Design of the mobile versions


Further CEX Listings, Mobile versions of NORA642, Further Games : NORA-MM and NORA-PB, Review of Financial predictive models


More Games: NORA-EM, NORA-EJ, etc, Integration of Financial Predictive models, Review of Predictive models for metaverse games.


Development of DAO features, more predictive models integration, Further protocol consolidation.

Listing on Exchange Schedule

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Additional Information

Early Investor:

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