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Galo ICO
GaloBank Finance (GALO)
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May 30 – Sept 30, 2023

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GaloBank was born out of the drive to take advantage of the market gap described above.

“to be the first global financial operator to integrate the CEFI and DEFI worlds, providing a scalable portfolio of 100% digital products integrated into a single platform, together with the assurances and guarantees by crypto/DeFi friendly regulator”.
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Token Information

  • Ticker GALO
  • Network GALO Network
  • Contract-Address 0x0a15…C651C
  • Token Supply 5,000,000,000 GALO
  • Start ICO Price 0.15 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 66,550,000 USD
  • Personal Cap N/A
  • Raise (Not Set)

Score Rate The ICO Score Rate is based on ICO reviews, ICO Readiness or Eligibility before it takes place including Product MVP / Project, Team Profile, KYC, Traction (Early Investor, Partnership, etc.), Active Social Media, Company Legality (Doc & Audit), Marketing, from some methods, is not a token performance score after the ICO ends.

Round Table (Token Sale)

  • Round 1 Ended
  • Date May 30 – Jun 10, 2023
  • Tokens Sold (0.06%) 3,000,000 GALO
  • Price 0.15 USD
  • Target/Hardcap 450,000 USD
  • Launchpad
  • 📝 Note: –
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Video / Screenshot

Tokenomics Review

  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 GALO
  • Network: GALO NETWORK
  • Token Contract: 0x0a1564599537562596AE91fb09A5945e1C1C651C


NamePositionSocial Media
JAIME RUIPEREZHead of Blockchain
SANDRA IBAÑEZChief Financial Officer
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Phase 1

Whitepaper Development, Web Page Creation, Blockchain development and the Galo network, GALO token creation.

Developing the network explorer

Developing the network explorer.

ICO Launching

ICO launching.

Phase 2

Developing DEX PotionSwap: DEX Dentralization Exchange, Developing the validators and staking platform, Developing Galo Bridge multichain bridge.

Developing Galo Bridge multichain bridge

Phase in which we will start programming the bridge which allows to transfer the crypto assets of a blockchain in a decentralized manner.

Developing the stable currency $GUSD

Create our stable currency by counting 1:1 on the dollar.

Developing the liquidity and farming platform in PotionSwap

Potion Swap will be open and available in order for everybody to use it or even join other independent projects interested in using our application.

Establishing the Galobank company

We will establish the company according to all regulations required to ensure the operation of our project.

Establishing and opening companies in crypto friendly countries

We will establish and develop companies in the appropiate countries that guarantee your transactions within various legislations in the world, where they will also allow us to exchange different currencies under our own security guarantee.

Developing the bank APP

We will make a simple, educational and intuitive app which will allow you to control your finances quickly: invest, buy, sell, all from the same app.

Developing the IOS and Android apps

Once the app project is created, we will dedicate ourselves to optimize it for your intelligent devices in order to provide much faster and easier access no matter where you are.

Pilot in Core markets

We will define our markets and launch a pilot so that users can start learning about the Galo world.

Marketing campaign

We will start to promote the benefits of our bank through different media campaigns.

Launching the bank internationally

Our bank is ready, operational and optimized in order to meet the world and introduce you to all the services that are waiting for you.

Listing on Exchange Schedule

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Additional Information

Early Investor:

(Not Set)

Partnership :

(Not Set)

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