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ICO OptionBlitz
OptionBlitz (BLX)
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Apr 26, 2023 – TBA

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Optionblitz connects liquidity providers (investors) with traders via the central trading protocol. Liquidity providers invest capital in exchange for a share of the trading fees collected from the clients. Liquidity providers stake USDC inside the protocol and can supercharge their revenue share by bonding the BLX token to their stake. Different investment tiers are available allowing customisable parameters to suit all risk appetites.
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Token Information

  • Ticker BLX
  • Network eth logo Ethereum
  • Contract-Address 0x050…858e
  • Token Supply 100,000,000 BLX
  • Start ICO Price 0.1 USDC
  • Target/Hardcap 10,600,000 USDC
  • Personal Cap 100 USDC (Min)
  • Raise (Not Set)

Score Rate The ICO Score Rate is based on ICO reviews, ICO Readiness or Eligibility before it takes place including Product MVP / Project, Team Profile, KYC, Traction (Early Investor, Partnership, etc.), Active Social Media, Company Legality (Doc & Audit), Marketing, from some methods, is not a token performance score after the ICO ends.

Round Table (Token Sale)

  • Pre-sale Ended
  • Date Feb 28 – Mar 28, 2023
  • Tokens Sold (10%) 10,000,000 BLX
  • Price 0.1 USDC
  • Target/Hardcap 1,000,000 USDC
  • Launchpad
  • 📝 Note: –
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Tokenomics Review

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 BLX
  • Network: eth logo Ethereum ERC20
  • Token Contract: 0x0502F0fd4Be7854b5749328f7e3DD013B94e858E




Jan 2023

Launch Community Networks, Begin OptionBlitz Trading Protocol Testnet V1

Feb 2023

Start Presale

Mar 2023

End Presale, Update to TestNet V2

May 2023

Start Public Sale (IBCO), End Public Sale

Jun 2023

Launch OptionBlitz V2 on Arbitrum Mainnet

Aug 2023

Copy-Trader, Managed Funds, Longer Maturity Options

Sep 2023

Prop Trading App

Nov 2023

Tokenised Stocks

Listing on Exchange Schedule

DateExchange NameAnnouncement Link

Additional Information

Early Investor:

(Not Set)

Partnership :

(Not Set)

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